Thursday, November 29, 2012

Finished (mostly) with the Living Room and Dining Room!

So here it is- first the dining room- remember it was turquoise before (which my hubby recently informed me is a color he HATES!) so we kept the stripes and changed the color....
 I've had these little lamps for almost 10 years, and I've always loved the color of the (now falling apart ;)) shades so I used them as inspiration for the color....
And I'd hoped that I could make the living room (which I just repainted 2 years ago) work for a while longer, but it clashed horribly.  So I used the DR art for inspiration for the LR and we found a warm magenta/burgundy colro called Cherokee Brick- it has a lot more purple in it than shows in the pictures and I AM thrilled with the two rooms now!  Christmas has come early!

I think it's pretty funny how red this is here!
Oh well, at least you have an idea of what it looks like ;)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

3 Posts in one- Playing catch up (once again ;))

Hello, hello, HELLO again!  I'm so sorry I've been MIA for so long- both from posting here as well as visiting everyone's blogs!  I've missed you all so much and will be by soon- I PROMISE!
For now, here's three posts in one as a catch up...
When last I posted, I was working on a pencil portrait, and it's since been finished and delivered.
Here's "Annie"
I really was pleased with how this sweet girl turned out.  For anyone who's interested in commissioning a portrait, I'll have time to accept a couple more before Christmas- email me for details and prices.....

And of course, art class has been on going- we're two weeks into our current session and I had them do a Thanksgiving poster, filling the paper with a gratitude list and accompanying illustrations. 
 As always, they amazed me!

My own personal grattitude list this year included, my beautiful family, my home and garden, and my wonderful friends both in person and in bloglandia- I am SO very grateful for you all!  
Even tho I haven't been around much, you are often in my thoughts...

Lastly, we always host Thanksgiving dinner, and I always use it as a motivation to freshen up the house with paint
 and such.  I'd been planning on touching up my turquoise stripes, when my hubby told me that he HATES turquoise, and could I please change the color!  This is after 5 years of living with it and him never saying a word!  I agreed to change the color, if we could keep the stripes (which I LOVE ;)) 

And here's a "before" picture:

And here's a teaser for an after...

I'm really happy with the end result, which I'll share soon.  Along with our newly painted living room which did NOT work with the dining room!  We're actually in the midst of finishing up on that today!
So for now, I'm off for a much belated visit to all my bloggity friends, then it's on to painting (walls today- and canvases next week ;)) and making more jams for the market......
because, I'm still oh so busy these days!