Monday, January 13, 2014

A BAD Case of Journal Envy......

OK I admit after visiting my friends at our Magical Journal Journey blog party, I started suffering from a BAD case of video see, the majority of them created wonderful videos for our friends to see their creations.  And it got bad enough, that I spent the weekend creating a vid of my own.  And what an adventure THAT was!!!  I finally uploaded it to my Picasa and linked the below photo....sorry for having to go "low tech"  I obviously need video making lessons!
Keep in mind, that it's the first one I've ever created so watch without too much criticism please.  But please do enjoy!
And be sure to visit my friends to see their journals as well!
Lisa (the Priti one)
Lisa (the Wright one)
Can't wait to get started on our new year of traveling art!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Our Journals have completed their grand journey- time for the Big Reveal!!

So my journal (which you may remember traveled about dressed grandly in all shades of purple flanked with metallics and pops of turquoise ;)) started with a sign in page for each lady to check in...
And then off it went on it's travels; first to visit Gemma of Gemma's House
Here are her beautiful pages; I love all the gorgeous textures and detail and how did you know that Calla Lilies are one of my favorite flowers? Thank you for the Dragonfly- so special!!

Next, my art book wended it's way to Maggie who put a lovely oriental twist in her pages for me- LOVE the elephant and the flower and the butterfly and the beautiful lady plus all the quotes...I love it all!

Then my book traveled on to  Lisa  (the priti one) who created a gloriously queenly Mary with lots of texture and yummy purple and gold plus a Mehndi  hand for me (I think it's so funny, because I created a Mehndi hand for HER;)) and then a paint chip collage with assorted Mary's peeking through the windows....gorgeous-ness!

The next stop for my book was a bit further away, crossing the sea to the UK to stay with Lisa (the Wright one ;)) who started my pages with a scrumptious peacock feather glued onto a gorgeous wash of all my colors combined and moved on to a wonderful page filled with assorted textures and and collage elements mixed with words and so many wonderful elements i love love love.  She ended her work with one of her famous ladies who advises me to dream big- beautiful!

Onward my book made it's way to Cornwall where  Kat of the Wright Story, who not only created some gorgeous (dragonfly filled!) art for me, but also wrote a short story just for me- so special!!!  I will treasure my Dragonfly Bay (the painted one AND the written words) forever!

For my book's last stop in the UK, it traveled to Manchester to visit with Angie of Art Angel for a bit. And she filled her paged with very Artangel-esque textures and patterning- absolutely beautiful!  And of course, she knows how fond I am of butterflies, and birds and quotes and ladies- very wonderful pages!

Then my book made it's way back to the states and to Tammy's studio where she combined a painting of a lady with a dragonfly (!) tattoo, wonderful words and a tree of friendship- such a fabulous addition to my my book!

And last but never least, my art journal traveled to Kim Collister where she created an incredible series of collages rich with birds, flowers, women and of course dragonflies- such a beautiful end to my little book's travels!

I love that you can see all the pages and bits of wonderful-ness peeking out of my book- what a treasure! 
What an amazing year of art it has been, AND best of all; we're gearing up to start again in amonth or so!  I can't WAIT!