Monday, January 13, 2014

A BAD Case of Journal Envy......

OK I admit after visiting my friends at our Magical Journal Journey blog party, I started suffering from a BAD case of video see, the majority of them created wonderful videos for our friends to see their creations.  And it got bad enough, that I spent the weekend creating a vid of my own.  And what an adventure THAT was!!!  I finally uploaded it to my Picasa and linked the below photo....sorry for having to go "low tech"  I obviously need video making lessons!
Keep in mind, that it's the first one I've ever created so watch without too much criticism please.  But please do enjoy!
And be sure to visit my friends to see their journals as well!
Lisa (the Priti one)
Lisa (the Wright one)
Can't wait to get started on our new year of traveling art!!


Maggie said...

Oh so gorgeous, Steph! Great job!! Perfect song choice too. I think we have all been bitten by the video bug :-), and it's a good thing!

I can so relate to your struggles. I spent as much time trying to upload mine correctly as making the dang thing. And now I am mulling over in my mind doing a new one because I totally forgot to add my own pages. It can't be as hard the second time right?

IMGIRL said...

I admire you and Maggie. I just couldn't make it happen and the video should have been made of me having a fit trying to make it! lol
You did a GREAT job! I bow to you video queens! I must gather more patience and obviously some knowledge of "how to" before trying again! Beautifully done! XOXO

Fine Art and you said...

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