Friday, March 28, 2014

Magical Journal Journey 2014 began last month.....

My wonderful international art exchange group has started a new traveling journal and I finally made it here to share it with you!  This year, we've each chosen an artist as the theme for our journals and I've chosen Marc Chagall as my artist.  I bet those of you who know me would have guessed that I'd choose Gustav Klimt or Georgia O'Keeffe for this project....and I almost did.  BUT, I wanted to choose an artist that would be more out of my comfort zone.  I LOVE Chagall for his dreamy surrealism and his incredible use of color.  Also his work is quite romantic and he occasionally features flowers.  So, while it is a reach for me, it's also not a terrible stretch, either!
We each began with sign in pages and inside covers and we've decided to do collaborative covers.  Me, being ME, decided to do a front and back cover and also two "covers" to be placed inside as dividers of a sort.....anyway, here is the beginning of my book- I can't wait to get my completed Chagall-ish treasure in a few months- what FUN!
My inside cover is a based on Chagall's famous painting "I and the Village" I actually got see it in person in Paris last Spring :-)

I made little houses set in picket fence pockets for my "village" of art friends to do their sign in with

The first interior cover- I gave them a quote to play with......

Second interior cover with another quote....

The collaborative front cover- I just played with some Chagall-y colors-
 it was VERY hard to stop.  
I can't wait to see what my friends create on it!
My backside cover- I felt like I should do a bit more on it since I had the extra covers.....
plus, AGAIN, it was very difficult to stop painting!
So that's my journal- can't wait to see it grow!


Netty said...

wow your group of friends are going to have so much fun with this and I love Chagall's paintings. Annette x

WrightStuff said...

so excited to see both your journal and some of Chagall's paintings when I go to Paris. Love what you have done so far - that cover with all the people looks pretty finished to me - I bet none of us dare touch it!

artangel said...

I was actually playing a game of trying to guess which artist each of you had chosen before I visited, and you are completely right - I was convinced either Klimt or Georgia O'Keefe for you!!

Chagall is an excellent choice though - as you say, his work has some similarities to yours but enough differences to make it a challenge!

Your journal so far looks incredible, I especially love the colours and the painterly, loose style of the back cover - gorgeous! xx