Monday, July 29, 2013

Playing around with whites.....

Hello again, here I am with my monthly check in for the traveling journals.  This month, I had Angie of Artangel pages to play in and her color of choice was white.  She generously allowed us to add one other color if we so chose....I used purple and yellow to create neutral shades to paint an angel for the "Art angel" I  thought it was appropriate!  And then painted the words; "Find your wings and fly" and tore around the angel to allow the words to peek through.

I was really scared of this challenge, but in the end, I LOVED working in white!  I'll be sending this gorgeous collection on it's way to Gemma so she can have her turn playing in white.
I hope to be back soon- I have so much bloggy catching up to do!  The kids go back to school soon, and then I hope to be back in the blog world- I miss all my peoples!