Monday, July 29, 2013

Playing around with whites.....

Hello again, here I am with my monthly check in for the traveling journals.  This month, I had Angie of Artangel pages to play in and her color of choice was white.  She generously allowed us to add one other color if we so chose....I used purple and yellow to create neutral shades to paint an angel for the "Art angel" I  thought it was appropriate!  And then painted the words; "Find your wings and fly" and tore around the angel to allow the words to peek through.

I was really scared of this challenge, but in the end, I LOVED working in white!  I'll be sending this gorgeous collection on it's way to Gemma so she can have her turn playing in white.
I hope to be back soon- I have so much bloggy catching up to do!  The kids go back to school soon, and then I hope to be back in the blog world- I miss all my peoples!


gma said...

This is absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to see it. I must admit to being afraid of white as well. Will have to clean the debris from my work table before I get it.

Netty said...

totally beautiful and you have done a wonderful job with the whites, Annette x

Lisa Wright said...

Stunning - took my breath away in fact!

Kat W said...

Beautifully painted angel, truly special. Angie is going to adore this I'm sure of it. I really love angels and have a few art & ornament angels to keep me company. This angel has a divine quality to it that really speaks to me & I really like the inspirational words you've chosen.

My kids are only on week two of their summer hols so we're just at the beginning. But along with 3 consecutive groups of visitors this month - summer sure has been busy so far & so I get the difficulty of finding time to blog :-) Hope you've had a fab time with your kids though.

Kat Xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Where HAVE you been? I've missed you SO much. It was good to see a post.

I was also afraid of white, but had two separate color challenges where the participant chose white. I am in love with white. It is simply the BEST, because there are so many whites out there.

I love how you got the subtle shading by using complimentary colors. Smart move. I always say green and red make Christmas brown (grin).

By tearing the page, you really gave us a glimpse of what was to come. I so enjoyed that element of this spread. Nicely done, and I'm sure Angie LOVES it.

Priti.Lisa said...

I am so happy to be here after too long away. What a visit I have had this's like an art museum here.
Your talent as a painter
always amazes me,
but also the puzzling of the pieces
and the words you choose!
Well, you are untouchable.

artangel said...

Oh Steph I adore this, thank you!!

Your angel is beautifully painted (as always)and she seems to breathe quiet and serenity from the page!

The torn paper is fab, gives it a slightly edgy feel that I love, and I'm also delighted that you painted me some dragonflies - I always think of them when I think of you :-)

I'm glad you enjoyed the white scheme despite your initial reservations, you've certainly does beautiful things with it! x

PS Gemma - don't worry, I made a few marks on it myself when I was working on it, I just painted over them in white ;-) x

IMGIRL said...

Steph, I hate to sound like a broken record here, but I am lost for new words to describe your pages of white for Angie! I love the torn page and the angel is your use of purple and yellow. And the words? Well, everyone knows how I feel about "wings" and "flying"... it's important to believe and "let go"! You certainly did that here, your pages for Angie have totally taken flight!! Devinely!!
I have to say that White too, was my biggest challenge and fear, but you would never know it was a challenge for anyone seeing Angie's beautiful White Journal!

Maggie said...

How fabulous, Steph! This angel is truly divine, I'd love to have a guardian angel like her. Another book that I will still get to see "in person" and I'm so happy that I will. I've been a little apprehensive about white, but I'm thinking now that it might be lots of fun as well as challenging.

It's so good to see you back in "bloggyland" again!