Friday, March 28, 2014

Some Anahata Katkin for Kim

I started working in Kim of IM Girl's
 art journal last week and her artist of choice is Anahata Katkin.  For her sign in pages she provided us with some awesome cut out hands to decorate, and I realized that I already had what I wanted to do for her sign in.  A few years ago, I did a self portrait in Katkin's style and I thought it would be a great way to represent myself.....I couldn't resist using the inside cover Kim created as a back drop for my self portrait hand....
For my  two page spread I had a plan of what I wanted to do, and I worked on it it all week.  Unfortunately, it was one of those things that went more and more wrong the more I did to it!  In fact, after cursing myself for not getting off my a$$ to go get the canvas paper I needed instead of trying make acrylics work on water color paper (too absorbent, doncha know ;-)), I decided to make a collage out of the parts I DID like and use it for Kim's cover- we are all contributing on each other's covers.  So this morning, I finished my part of her cover, and then left to get the correct paper- and NOW, I'm ready to get back to business...more on that later!
For now, here's Kim's cover with the face I painted torn and collaged onto more paper and glued into place 
As much as I despised this before I tore it and glued it, I am really quite happy with it now!
Now to get back to the inside pages- I hope to get the finished product on it's way the beginning of next week- should go faster now that I have the right materials!

Magical Journal Journey 2014 began last month.....

My wonderful international art exchange group has started a new traveling journal and I finally made it here to share it with you!  This year, we've each chosen an artist as the theme for our journals and I've chosen Marc Chagall as my artist.  I bet those of you who know me would have guessed that I'd choose Gustav Klimt or Georgia O'Keeffe for this project....and I almost did.  BUT, I wanted to choose an artist that would be more out of my comfort zone.  I LOVE Chagall for his dreamy surrealism and his incredible use of color.  Also his work is quite romantic and he occasionally features flowers.  So, while it is a reach for me, it's also not a terrible stretch, either!
We each began with sign in pages and inside covers and we've decided to do collaborative covers.  Me, being ME, decided to do a front and back cover and also two "covers" to be placed inside as dividers of a sort.....anyway, here is the beginning of my book- I can't wait to get my completed Chagall-ish treasure in a few months- what FUN!
My inside cover is a based on Chagall's famous painting "I and the Village" I actually got see it in person in Paris last Spring :-)

I made little houses set in picket fence pockets for my "village" of art friends to do their sign in with

The first interior cover- I gave them a quote to play with......

Second interior cover with another quote....

The collaborative front cover- I just played with some Chagall-y colors-
 it was VERY hard to stop.  
I can't wait to see what my friends create on it!
My backside cover- I felt like I should do a bit more on it since I had the extra covers.....
plus, AGAIN, it was very difficult to stop painting!
So that's my journal- can't wait to see it grow!