Thursday, May 29, 2014

Going with Matisse for Lisa Wright

So it's that time of the month- time for me to send the traveling art journal on it's way.  This month, I had the pleasure of working in the style of Matisse- Lisa Wright's artist of choice.  Henri Matisse has long been a favorite of mine- I love the wildness of Fauvism and the way the care and attention is emphasized more on color and it's unexpected use than on realism.
I started out doing the outside of a double page spread by free painting a woman inspired by Matisse's "Woman with Green Stripe" and somehow she insisted that she needed to be holding a cat.  So, my cat Mojo made her way into the painting as well- sporting a purple stripe!  Because, why not?
I finished the spread with a cut out interpretation of Mattise's signature- 
it wraps around to the inside pages....

which were inspired by his simplified doves and stars- another favorite of mine.

I had every bit as much fun playing in Matisse's world as I hoped.  Can't wait to see which artist I get to play around with next month- bring it on!

Friday, May 2, 2014

A Taste of Duy Huynh for Tammy's Dreamy Journal

So it's the end of the month, or actually a couple days past and Tammy's pages inspired by her artist of choice; Duy Huynh are ready to go!  He is a "new to me" artist, but what a joy to discover him and his amazing surreal style!  His backgrounds are made up of layer upon layer of glazed paints overlayed with wonderful, quirky paintings.  Far more illustrative than anything I've done in ages- which is ironic since that's what I majored in in college!
Anyway, here are my pages for Tammy....
I was a little scared of the glazing technique, so I came up with three designs to paint for her.
Duy Huynh uses a lot of circus imagery in his paintings, so I thought I'd do a little acrobatic scene:
And the for the back, I did a simple series of glazing in lime, yellow and white
 (I think I may be hooked on this technique!) 
and a quote from the Eurhythmics 

For my next page, I featured a lady painting in wings to fly with
And on the back, another glazed background with a C.S. Lewis quote:

For my last page, I did a lady holding a tree
and on the background more glazing and a note to Tammy.
So there you have it, my Duy Huynh pages for Tammy!
The next artist coming my way is Matisse a long time favorite of mine!
Can't wait!