Thursday, May 29, 2014

Going with Matisse for Lisa Wright

So it's that time of the month- time for me to send the traveling art journal on it's way.  This month, I had the pleasure of working in the style of Matisse- Lisa Wright's artist of choice.  Henri Matisse has long been a favorite of mine- I love the wildness of Fauvism and the way the care and attention is emphasized more on color and it's unexpected use than on realism.
I started out doing the outside of a double page spread by free painting a woman inspired by Matisse's "Woman with Green Stripe" and somehow she insisted that she needed to be holding a cat.  So, my cat Mojo made her way into the painting as well- sporting a purple stripe!  Because, why not?
I finished the spread with a cut out interpretation of Mattise's signature- 
it wraps around to the inside pages....

which were inspired by his simplified doves and stars- another favorite of mine.

I had every bit as much fun playing in Matisse's world as I hoped.  Can't wait to see which artist I get to play around with next month- bring it on!


Kim Collister said...

Steph, Just Love your pages, the cat is such a wonderful addition!
The Matisse cut out signature is just pure genius! 💗💗💗

Maggie said...

You do Matisse so beautifully! I love the colorful woman and her (your) cat. Mojo looks so pleased to be in the painting :-) The doves remind me of the paper cutouts Matisse did late in his life. I agree with Kim ~ the cutout signature is awesome!

WrightStuff said...

Well you had me before I saw the cat and then I fell head over heels in love! I have three cats. One is taking up most of the space on my chair as I type this. She won't move as she's settled in for the night, I just have to perch on the edge!

Love your use of colour - so very Matisse. Just perfect, thank you so much!

Kat W said...

Gorgeous beautiful happy painting - love!! I think your use of colour is perfectly joyful & I adore Mojo!!! The cut out of his signature is such a clever inspired idea & leads to that beautiful page. As always your art is a pleasure to behold! Hugs, Kat xx

Priti.Lisa said...

Stephanie! You always add a surprise factor, my eagle eye spied the Matisse cut-out! You are beyond and above...
you know, I have your tulip painting hanging in my bathroom, I see it everyday, and it makes me {and company} HAPPY! ♥ ♥ ♥