Monday, June 30, 2014

Traveling Journals.....Jennifer Judd McGee

Ahhh, it's that magical time again; time for me to share my entry of the month for our Traveling Journals Journey!  This month I had the joy of playing around in Kat's (gorgeous) journal.  Her artist of choice was Jennifer Judd McGee and while she was totally new to me, what a delight she was to discover!  Her style ranges from illustrative botanicals to lovely layered collages rich in color and texture.  I fell in love!

I decided to to a series of layered pages that could each be seen individually but also as a whole.....I asked Kat about her favorite flowers and she told me she loves lilies and hedgerow flowers- I went with lilies and based the lead in page on Spider Lilies....which led to a wandering lady which in turn led to a painting of a village......

For her sign in page, Kat created a wonderful patchwork of squares for each of us to add to.  Here's mine:
So there you have my journal pages for the month of June- next up; Modigliani for Priti Lisa- I can't wait!


gma said...

Stephanie, These pages are wonderful. I do like how you have done the layered pages and the cut outs. Can't wait to see this. I know your work is always even more beautiful in person. xx

Kat W said...

I love your pages in my journal :-))) and am really glad you enjoyed learning more about JJM. The layered affect is wonderful, the spider Lilly beautiful, the magical lady seems to be an angel guiding me into the village & I adore the fantastical village. Thank you so so much Stephanie - as always your art work is delightful & I feel super lucky that this art is for me to treasure forever!! BIG HUGE hugs of thanks :-) (If only you could see the huge grin that is plastered to my face right now!)
Kat XX

Kim Collister said...

Stephanie, this is so Jennifer a Judd McGee and so you at the same time! The combination of both is magical!
I love it all! The cut out and the layering of the lady could be Jennifer looking over the fabulous village you painted in honor of her! ��

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WrightStuff said...

Love to see your work and how you have interpreted this challenge. You are right about how exciting it is to see the journals so full.

I love the layering of the pages with each making up a part. Fabulous lady, fabulous!

Maggie said...

These pages are fabulous, Stephanie! I so love the cutout idea! I love when you add those :-) I have a lot to learn about Jennifer Judd McGee and her art. It will be fun discovering her.

Priti.Lisa said...

Oh Stephanie! Your cut-outs are always so cool, but you have brought a new dimension to your art here...this reminds me of those cool books when we were kids. The village is something different for you and I love it! Wow! you are phenomenal!
♥ ♥ ♥