Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sennelier- What a TREASURE to see!

Bonjour!  We got home last Thursday and after struggling with some unexpected MAJOR jet lag I've settled back into home life.  Of course my current home life is focused on a complete renovation of our main bathroom (yep, we're one of those ONE shower families ;)) But the job is in it's final stages and hopefully things will settle down soon!
I still have a LOT of our Paris trip left to cover, but for today, I really want to share our visit to Sennelier with you.  As an artist, it was truly one of my favorite parts of our trip!
Sennelier is a tiny little art supply shop that has sold paints and brushes and the like to artists for more than 100 year- Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet and many more.  Just being in Paris gave a sense of constantly touching history, but to be in that sweet little store- I felt like I was connecting with history- so amazing!
I came upon this by chance- the brushes are labeled with which famous artist preferred what brush- how incredible was that?

The original color charts the artists used still hang on the wall.............did I say incredible?

That's the original owner Gustave's grandson, Dominique Sennelier, who now runs the store helping Caroline

Visiting this shop was definitely one of my favorite parts of our trip!

Sennelier THEN and.......NOW:

That's all for now....I have a Round Robin page I will share soon and hopefully, hopefully, I'll soon be back to regular bloggy visits!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

More adventures in Paris

ISo we met up with my Mom after a series of mixed signals and miscommunications- more on that later!  And had a lovely evening of exploring some if the local shops and setting at a cafe for dinner.
This morning caroline and I picked up pastries and cafe creme 
and had a wonderful breakfast in the Luxembourg gardens- what an incredible place!
The tulips are just finishing their show, but the color is glorious- I can't wait to visit Giverny, a long time dream garden for me!
Caroline had fun trying to get a bird to eat from her hand a d we saw tons of huge birds (owls or falcons?) swooping in and out of the Chestnut trees, what a wonderful morning!
That's all for now - au Revoir
P.S. and here's a less "delicate" view of the statue

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

3 Americans in Paris.....

So one of the things I've been so busy with is preparing for a trip to Paris with my mom and my oldest daughter Caroline.  We arrived yesterday and my mom will be coming in this afternoon.  Our hotel is beside the Luxembourg gardens which I can't wait to explore- we were too tired yesterday and today we've been getting the lay of the land while waiting for mom.
So au revoir for now