Monday, June 30, 2014

Traveling Journals.....Jennifer Judd McGee

Ahhh, it's that magical time again; time for me to share my entry of the month for our Traveling Journals Journey!  This month I had the joy of playing around in Kat's (gorgeous) journal.  Her artist of choice was Jennifer Judd McGee and while she was totally new to me, what a delight she was to discover!  Her style ranges from illustrative botanicals to lovely layered collages rich in color and texture.  I fell in love!

I decided to to a series of layered pages that could each be seen individually but also as a whole.....I asked Kat about her favorite flowers and she told me she loves lilies and hedgerow flowers- I went with lilies and based the lead in page on Spider Lilies....which led to a wandering lady which in turn led to a painting of a village......

For her sign in page, Kat created a wonderful patchwork of squares for each of us to add to.  Here's mine:
So there you have my journal pages for the month of June- next up; Modigliani for Priti Lisa- I can't wait!