Monday, July 26, 2010

Time to get back in the saddle.....

So we got home yesterday morning after a really fun week in the mountains of North Carolina.  I personally was dreading our return because it tends to be about ten degrees cooler in NC and our last couple of days  there were hot enough to warn us that Atlanta would not be so pleasant.  And it is HOT here again with temps in the upper 90's each day!  Tho not as hot as it is for my Texas friends......
Anyway, I thought I share some pictures of our week.....
We were staying in Montreat which is just outside Black Mountain.....I've just about decided there is no such thing as a good picture of me anymore, lol!

Emmie taking a break on the way to Crabtree Falls....

Bill and Garrett at Crabtree Falls

This is my favorite picture I took- the sun was just starting to set and the fog had started to roll in.....I really think I could live in a place like this!

My nephey-poo Porter

Me and Emmie rollin' down the river

Garrett at the overlook of Linville Falls

Garrett on the trail leaving Linville Falls

I thought this was so funny- we'd stopped for water on our way home, and I noticed this sign.  After Bill, Emmie and I all took pictures, the store owner came stomping out to remove the lettering.  Bill was wondering if we'd perhaps stumbled upon the secret of what makes North Carolina BBQ so good.....?

So that's what "I did for my Summer vacation" I probably won't have time for much painting this week with school starting next week and all the preps for the Saturday market.  I'll try to catch some pictures of our garden to share updates and what progress I've made on the zinnia painting.  It now has a background.....:)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What's UP in the Studio- Decisions, decisions......Part Two

Happy Wednesday peoples in blogland!  Sorry for the "overly enthusiastic" greeting;  I'm trying (and somewhat failing) to muster enough energy to make it through this week......we're headed for the mountains on Sunday for a week of r & r (in hopefully cooler temps than the the 90+ degrees we've been dealing with).  And something about the week before vacation always makes me feel more tired than I thought I was.  I think I'm just ready for a break!  My stack of books are on their way, I'm off to pick up a new puzzle for us to pack with our games.....I'm just READY for a time out and a week of eating, playing, sleeping and reading!
For now, here's a picture of my desk in it's current state of "to do" list with my phone, my inspiring art doll from Laura Haviland and of course Peri is trying to inspire me to action with his a-muse-ing self :) and last, but not least; my new canvas. 
As you can see, I decided on the zinnia- well, really I decided on doing all of them, but first the zinnia.  I'll be bringing canvases with me on vacation to map out the other two paintings on so they'll be ready for me instead of the other way around....
On a final note, I include my son and all his drama for your viewing pleasure......
Cheers and Happy Hump Day,
P.S. I have to add that amazingly, just blogging about feeling tired somehow gave me a little more energy.  Thanks and love to all my bloggy friends for your daily inspiration and encouragement!

Friday, July 9, 2010

What's UP in the Studio- Decisions, decisions......

Russet Zinnia with Diffused Glow 
G'morning all!  I haven't been around much this week; between cleaning up from our 4th of July party and having to return the rooster to my brother.  He would NOT stop crowing (the rooster, not my brother;)) and the neighbors were beginning to complain- understandably so!  Anyway, there's not been much time for art or blogging about art around here.  SO, I'm planning to begin my next painting on Monday and that's where I could use some help!  I can't decide between these photos- some of them I took this Spring and some are from last year....not that THAT helps me decide in any way!
"She's got Legs"

Admiral Constantinople Tulip
I'll just call these "Sunflowers 1 & 2"
Anyway, you can see my dilema.  I have canvases that would work beautifully with each of these dimensions, but I just can't decide which direction to go in........I've been craving zinnias, but I love the red with those sunflowers....and as for the tulip, I've already done a painting from that series:

but I wasn't very happy with it, and I'd love to really capture the intensity of those colors this time......Any suggestions or remarks on preferences would be great!
Thanks and cheers!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wineglass Wednesday

Happy Hump Day all!  My friend Lisa from Priti Studio has begun a weekly art prompt called, you guessed it!  Wine Glass Wednesday"  Since I don't have a huge collection of varied wine glasses- and most of them aren't especially attractive at that; my creativity will have to come from the way I stage my glass.   This week, we just happen to have a lot of fire crackers left over from Sunday's celebration, so I decided in honor of Independence Day to use these colorful little beauties as a background for my glass!  So there you have it, my entry for Wine Glass Wednesday!
Don't forget to hop  over Priti Studio where Lisa will have other entries as well- she also has some of my absolute favorite works of art on display there as well!
Cheers or "Bottoms UP"

Monday, July 5, 2010

New Painting- Purple Majesty

I *finally* finished my new painting, and THANK YOU Lisa for helping with the title!  I actually finished it last week, but wasn't one hundred percent convinced that I was done with it.  It took me a long time to learn that when I get to that point on a painting, the smartest thing to do is leave it alone for a while and look at it from time to time.  Sure, there are still places I'd like to work a little more, but it would lead to working on other areas and then OTHER areas and before you know it, it would be overworked!  For anyone interested in seeing more images, I also just listed it in my Etsy shop.  So, I'm happy with it where it is now and it's time to get working on a new one! 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Weekly Challenge- "Freedom" or Welcoming Chickens to the Family.....

For the weekly challenge at Inspiration Avenue, the theme this week was "Freedom" and to be honest, I really didn't think I'd be able to submit anything this week.  Between all the jam makin' and pie baking and trying to squeeze  a few hours of painting in here and there, I just didn't see how it would be possible!  And then we suddenly were gifted with two chickens from my brother's farm.  The rooster had been attacking the other roosters and he needed to find a new home.  Quickly.  So, here we are with a temporary coop and making plans for a permenant location and letting the Houdini and Aiya make lots of little chickens......  I guess you never know what's coming from one week to the next :)  Luckily, I *like* chickens except for their feet, which creep me out!
So, how does this fit with "freedom" you might be asking yourself about now.......  Well in the process of building the temporary coop, they were miserable in their little cages and a little traumatized from being caught at all.
My nephypoos soothing their friend.....

  So, in my brilliance, I decided to let them run for a bit.......and run they did!  Houdini, the rooster was happily crowing and looking for bugs and Aiya was looking for a place to roost.  She went from the bushes to the roof of our garden shed, to the middle of the arbor and when the kids tried to catch her there, she tried for an escape......on my head!  Did I mention their feet creep me out?
Anyway they are now safely in their coop patiently awaiting their permenant residence, and here are some snaps of their momentary freedom.....
Garrett in hot pursuit of Houdini

My nephew Porter, joining the chase

Man, Houdini can RUN

Aiya and Garrett on the roof

Sorry I didn't get any snaps of Aiya on my head, since I was the one taking pictures, it just didn't happen!
Be sure to hop over to Inspiration Avenue where there are sure to be many interpretations of "Freedom". 
Cheers and HAPPY FOURTH of JULY to my American friends!