Sunday, July 4, 2010

Weekly Challenge- "Freedom" or Welcoming Chickens to the Family.....

For the weekly challenge at Inspiration Avenue, the theme this week was "Freedom" and to be honest, I really didn't think I'd be able to submit anything this week.  Between all the jam makin' and pie baking and trying to squeeze  a few hours of painting in here and there, I just didn't see how it would be possible!  And then we suddenly were gifted with two chickens from my brother's farm.  The rooster had been attacking the other roosters and he needed to find a new home.  Quickly.  So, here we are with a temporary coop and making plans for a permenant location and letting the Houdini and Aiya make lots of little chickens......  I guess you never know what's coming from one week to the next :)  Luckily, I *like* chickens except for their feet, which creep me out!
So, how does this fit with "freedom" you might be asking yourself about now.......  Well in the process of building the temporary coop, they were miserable in their little cages and a little traumatized from being caught at all.
My nephypoos soothing their friend.....

  So, in my brilliance, I decided to let them run for a bit.......and run they did!  Houdini, the rooster was happily crowing and looking for bugs and Aiya was looking for a place to roost.  She went from the bushes to the roof of our garden shed, to the middle of the arbor and when the kids tried to catch her there, she tried for an escape......on my head!  Did I mention their feet creep me out?
Anyway they are now safely in their coop patiently awaiting their permenant residence, and here are some snaps of their momentary freedom.....
Garrett in hot pursuit of Houdini

My nephew Porter, joining the chase

Man, Houdini can RUN

Aiya and Garrett on the roof

Sorry I didn't get any snaps of Aiya on my head, since I was the one taking pictures, it just didn't happen!
Be sure to hop over to Inspiration Avenue where there are sure to be many interpretations of "Freedom". 
Cheers and HAPPY FOURTH of JULY to my American friends!


LuLu Kellogg said...

LOL @ the chicken and Roostah! I bet it looked like a chicken version of "COPS" in your yard!

OPh Stephanie, this really made me howl with laughter this morning!

Happy 4th!

luthien said...

hahaha!!! what a fun day chasing chickens!! it's so cool to be able to rear chickens in your own backyard in these modern times. most kids who live in the city don't even know what a real chicken looks like! the ones they know are the ones on the racks in the supermarkets. my young cousins had to go to the zoo to see their first chickens!! good grief!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This is one hilarious post and rightfully fits the freedom theme. I am still laughing. Again, WHO was it who decided to let them have a bit of freedom? I'm no farmer, but I don't think this is what they mean by free range chickens.

You have really made my Sunday. Thanks for this great post.

Shelinwa said...

I love this
Freesom to run and run some more and give you joy at the same time.

priti.lisa said...

LOL @ the chicken funny!
I guess what they say about caged birds is true.
I don't think I would have handled a chicken on my head as gracefully as you.
Freedom is a COOL name for a rooster...maybe when the peeps arrive.

Magpie said...

Haha! Watch out, I'll bet the rooster is not named Houdini for nothin'! What a fun story, and so appropriate for the Freedom challenge!

Maybe you heard the Russian folktale of Baba Yaga, the old hag whose house has chicken legs, and that is why chicken feet creep you out!

Judy Goddard said...

Gee! Your rooster looks like my rooster! I'm getting ready to get rid of my two roosters too. I just thought my pic was so funny, him looking through the gate as if planning his escape!