Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My pages for Kat's Traveling Journal

So once again, I've been absent from blogland- but not because I had nothing to share, more that I  have been crazy busy!  I just finished my spread for Kat of The Write Stuff's journal.  You may remember that the only requirements of this art exchange are that we use colors specified by each artist- Kat chose magenta, teal and silver.  When I was in Paris taking pictures at Monet's garden, I knew I had to use these images for Kat!  I was reading her blog a while back and she'd commented on how whatever colors we happen to be working in for the month- those colors seem to pop out at you everywhere you go.  This is SO TRUE!!!
Anyway, I used two images for references- the first is of my Mother's hand cradling the only peony we'd found in bloom- we love peonies, so believe me when I say we looked high and low for this one! 
And then of course I had to use monsieur Monet's famous bridge draped with wisteria
 (I took the creative license of making it magenta for Kat ;))
 I made prints of the hand and peony painting so I could use it for collage- here it is closed up with elements of each fold peeking through.....
here it is with the back fold opened....
  I felt it only right to use a quote from Monet...
So, that's that!  I'll be sending this on it's way for Gemma to work her magic in as I begin playing in Angie's journal next!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Still Going Round and Round...Lisa Wright's Journal Entry

Here I am, belatedly posting Lisa Wright's journal entry- I'm also late getting it to the post...there's just been SO much going on around here!  In hindsight, I wish I'd done her pages before I left for Paris, but I was hoping for inspiration while there and assumed I could get them done quickly.  And I would have been able to except for the fact that our home has been a construction site for the last 4 weeks!  (more on that later ;))  But I got them done in the end and even tho I hate being late, Gemma was very nice about it.  And it won't happen again, Gemma- I PROMISE!!!
So Lisa's color of choice was rust, and I was so excited to play because it was out of my comfort zone...waaaay out!  I knew I wanted to do a rusty keyhole with a hole cut out so you could see to the next page and when I started searching for a cool quote to go on the inside, I found Nat King Cole's lyrics to "Paper Moon" and thought it was perfect!

Here is the rusty keyhole- after I'd drawn it, I decided it needed a guardian angel- so that's how "Claudia" came into the picture- she reminds me of Lestat's adopted daughter in The Vampire Lestat....
 And here is the inside; once I decided on the words, I KNEW I had to use a sickle moon with a rusty sunset and I had to include a "Lisa inspired" lady reclining on the moon.  There's also a little friend hidden in the you see her?
And here it is all cut up and glued back together:

That's all for now- I'm off to mail this to Gemma- and then start on the next jounal pages for Kat- because I.WILL.NOT.BE.LATE.AGAIN!