Tuesday, November 5, 2013

And Gemma's book completes my journal journey!

This is the second time my little group of friends has embarked on a creative journey of traveling art journals.  And it was just as magical as before!  It's been a little challenging at times for me to juggle everything on my plate AND create for this project, but that makes me even more grateful to be a part of it!  I'm not sure I would have managed to paint anything in the last six months if I didn't have these monthly deadlines!
That said, on to Gemma's art journal....  Her colors of choice were purples with splashes of  magenta, orange and lime.  And I will apologize in advance for the color quality of my pictures- my deep blue-violets show as blues here...and my yellow orange that shades to red orange with a smidge of salmon- just looks yellow.  For the lime, I created a mist (invisible here ;)) in the distance and also used it for lettering.....ah well, I was in a hurry to get it in the post and didn't check my pictures until after it had been sent on it's way.  At least you can get an idea of what it looks like!
I wanted to create a magical, almost mysterious quality, so of course; I had to have misty, moonlit woods.   And when there's a chance of falling stars, you MUST carry an umbrella- right?  I also played with her skirt to give a suggestion of tree branches, not for any real reason other than it felt like the right thing to really doesn't show here, but the "with a chance of stars" is outlined with orange 
and yellow oranges, giving a doubled up effect.
A closeup view of the fold over page- again, the color is slightly off here.....I fell in LOVE with this quote; and will definitely be using it again!  On a funny side note, I always double check to make sure I correctly credit authors with their quotes- this is sometimes attributed to Gallileo....but after checking, and re-checking, I found that it belongs to Sarah Williams.

So there you have it, my spread for Gemma's beautiful book- I hope she likes it!

 Love and hugs,