Friday, December 14, 2012

More Pansies....

Here I am the second week in a row with more pansies to share.  I have two more mini canvases sketched out and ready paint and then I think I'll have them out of my system!  Maybe.  I will be starting on Christmas presents next week, so I'll definitely have something different to share then ;)
For now; here's my new pansy painting; so new, it doesn't even have a title yet!  I say it's finished, but I see spots here and there that I might be tweaking- no promises.
This is a 4"x 4"  "block" canvas (meaning it's 1" deep)
 right now, the only tweaking I want to do is to make the veins a little more delicate
And here's one I showed last week, I did a little more, but it still needs 
touch ups here and there- it's close tho!

I'm sharing this with Paint Party Friday- my favorite weekly blog party- always so much beauty to see there!  Holpe to see YOU there!
Happy Friday,

Friday, December 7, 2012

Two and Three Fourths of a New Series......

Who hoo!  I seem to have finally gotten it all together!  I've been juggling baking and making jams to sell at our local farmer's market (plus my cards ;)) twice a week with teaching and finally, FINALLY, regular painting!  All added together, it almost equals a "real" job, and one that allows me to stay at home to be available to kids and hubby!  It's been really hard, but I think I've found a rhythm that I can do it all! 

Last week I started a new series of mini paintings- I wanted to have a different price point for my original paintings.  Right now, they're featuring pansies- yep, once again, I'm on a flower kick!
These are sweet little 4"x4"x1" deep canvases (these images are almost actual size!) and I've been listing them on Etsy as fast as I can paint them!  They'll be coming in as cards too as soon as I take the time to put some together- maybe even today!
For now, here's "Copperfield"- For more info, I have it listed HERE in my Etsy shop.

 Where I live, we plant pansies in the fall and every time we have warm weather, they will bloom.  I swear there are about a million varieties of pansies, but this series- Skyline Copperfield is my favorite!

Another Copperfield pansy- the title of this one is "Enchanted"- for more info, click HERE 
I like this one on the diagonal, like this:

Lastly, my current WIP- it's almost done, just needs a bit more tweaking here and there 
and a signature and it too too will find a place on Etsy!

That's all for now, for the first time in a very long time, I actually feel like I have time to participate in Paint Party Friday- there are always close to 100 links to visit, but today, I think I can do it!  Hope to see you there!
Happy Friday