Monday, July 5, 2010

New Painting- Purple Majesty

I *finally* finished my new painting, and THANK YOU Lisa for helping with the title!  I actually finished it last week, but wasn't one hundred percent convinced that I was done with it.  It took me a long time to learn that when I get to that point on a painting, the smartest thing to do is leave it alone for a while and look at it from time to time.  Sure, there are still places I'd like to work a little more, but it would lead to working on other areas and then OTHER areas and before you know it, it would be overworked!  For anyone interested in seeing more images, I also just listed it in my Etsy shop.  So, I'm happy with it where it is now and it's time to get working on a new one! 


Mila said...

OMG Stephanie :)! This newest is absolutly fantastic!The vibrant colors, the perfect balance between shadow and highlights...
Really do you think that are "more" work to do on? I love it!
Great job Stephanie, great job :))!
Mila :)

Tara Dillard said...

What a blessing your talent is.

When I finish a landscape design the last thing I ask myself is, "What can I take out & have it still be the same."

Always fighting for simplicity.

Yet, knowing the odd time to gob it in.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

Yvonne said...

So elegant and gorgeous, Stephanie!

Maggie R said...

Beautiful work Stephanie, I love your style.
My daughter is an artist
and she loves big flowers. Georgia O'Keefe is one of her favorite artists.Yor style is like that too.... Gorgeous...
Thanks for sharing

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad you left it alone for awhile. Now you have a masterpiece you can be really proud of. And the title is perfect, too. Stunning, calming, and enchanting. Still laughing about the chickens, though.

Debrina said...

Gorgeous painting, Stephanie. Such detail; it must have required a lot of patience. Thank you for stopping on by my blog too...Pulp Redux has been a lot of fun!

priti.lisa said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS!
It is such a peaceful, reflective painting.
I have to admit, the title is perfect too :)

Laura Haviland said...

Wow "Stephanie",your title says it all.
This is an incrediable piece of art work.
All your hard work shows and I love it.
Enjoy your day and thanks for sharing.

Magpie said...

Stephanie, this is one of your best! I love the way the sunlight is playing on the petals. Just gorgeous!

Studio Sylvia said...

Love the play of light and dark and the depth of colour - one is drawn into the heart of the flower.