Saturday, August 31, 2013

Time for an update on the Magical Journal Journeys!

This month I had the pleasure of working in Lisa of Priti Lisa's journal.  She created the most wonderful handmade book filled with lots of gorgeous turquoise- her inspiration color.  I LOVE turquoise- it's one of my favorites and I couldn't WAIT to get started!  However, August was a month filled with craziness and family crises, and so I got a late start....but here I am with it finally finished and I'm pretty dang happy about it!
I knew I wanted to do hands with henna tattooing in turquoise and I wanted to do a mermaidish sort of girl- but she didn't want to BE done and after wasting a day trying to get her to work with me, I switched tactics.  The patterns on the hands I drew reminded me of scales (which is where the mermaid came from ;)) but they also reminded me of peacock feathers and I had a vintage Vogue illustration on file that I'd been wanting to take inspiration from....after that, it all came together!  I'll apologize in advance for the poor lighting of the photos- I did them before the sun was up by lamp light!
Here are my "henna" hands- I had SO much fun doing these!
 And the inside spread; I used the back of the hands to write Lisa a note...
I thought the quote was perfect for the peacock lady, so I went for it!
So there you have my turquoise entry for miss Lisa.  Next I'll be playing in salmons and greys for Maggie and then only one more book before they make their final journeys home- I can't WAIT to see my book!
Ta ta for now,
P.S. I also managed to get a canvas sketched so you may actually see me here again pretty soon- fingers crossed


Maggie said...

Steph, this is amazing! The hands are so graceful. The cut-out pages you are doing are so unique...although I would know your pages anyway because of your style of painting, the cut-outs right away say "Stephanie"! I love the proud Peacock Lady too! I know Lisa will adore this.

Priti.Lisa said...

Birds of a feather! Love that, it's perfect! I remember henna-ing Mia's hands last year...and this page will remind me of that special moment forever. Mermaids and peacocks...can't get more magical than that. Oh! I am so excited to get my book back! How did you make the hands seem so real? Man, you are good!

gma said...

Stephanie this is lovely art for Lisa's journal. Looking forward to seeing it. It has been a joy to be able to see your work each month.

Valerie-Jael said...

Beautiful work - nice to see you again! Valerie

WrightStuff said...

Birds of feather we are indeed! What a great piece - and guess what went in your journal this month - a peacock feather!! Fancy that!

Tammy Sprinkle said...

Steph, your pages have a 1920's feel to them even the Henna tattoed arms have a very 1920's design vibe. I love the femininity of your pages. Lovely. The lady on the peacock is very elegant.
I hope you have wonderful easy months ahead. A big HUG is being sent your way!

Jaime Haney at said...

Gorgeous! You have such a unique style Stephanie and I can always recognize your paintings. This is just beautiful and someone before me said it right, the hands are so graceful. You are the Queen of Cut outs! I hope I get my STSB someday, I know you did cut outs on mine, too.

I have missed your posts and updates.

xx Jaime

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Here I waited patiently for you to post again, after being absent for a month, and what happened? I was off doing other things.

These hands are so incredible. I adore what you did and wish they had been in MY hands AB. Of course, I know Priti Lisa will be thrilled with these. Delicate and graceful on one side, ornate on the other. Stunning work.

Kat W said...

What an absolutely gorgeous and cleverly constructed spread!!!! This is so beautiful - the slender hands so intricately and prettily decorated, the graceful mermaid-esque lady riding on her regal peacock, the quote, the colours.....Stephanie its wonderful!! Lisa will surely treasure this.

Sorry to hear you've been having a rough time. I hope your troubles are behind you and life is looking sunnier than ever.
BIG hugs
Kat Xx

IMGIRL said...

Magnificent work! So creative and your detail is always perfection!
Love Love the hands and how you incorporated everything together. Simply beautiful and incredible pages for Lisa's book.


Oh Maggie's journal is in the mail in the morning, sorry for the delay, didn't make the post office today at lunch.

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