Sunday, September 26, 2010

What's UP in the Studio- Decisions, decisions......

So I have really cranked up production around here!  My friend and I were waiting on tenterhooks to see if we'd been accepted into a new (to us) artist's market and while I should have been producing as if we had been, procrastination took center stage around here!  So now, we HAVE been accepted and I'm busting it to get some new work ready for next weekend!
I think I mentioned a few posts back, that I was having artist's of the ways I know of curing that is to keep painting no matter what- but WHAT to paint?  I usually turn to my favorite artists for inspiration and work from there.  When I was looking for fan references I stumbled across a Klimt piece that I'd never seen before and was enchanted.  So, here is my new painting in progress called "Klimtish-ness" 

I'm really hoping to be done with this by Friday- it's really big for me at 10" x 20" actually too big for my desk I've been having to paint with it in my lap!  But I am having fun with it and know what my next paintings will be, so hopefully my artsy rut is gone :)
I've also been cranking out some blank journals which I'm loving- have no idea what to charge, I spent $6.00 on each and they've been taking about half an hour.  I was thinking around $22-22.....any suggestions would be great!  I want them to sell but don't want to cheat myself either! 
Have a wonderful Sunday!


Dianne said...

She's beautifully Klimptish! I always have trouble with pricing. One of the pieces of advice that I've gotten in the past was... Don't underprice your can always reduce the price, but it's very difficult to raise prices.

Kiki said...

What a beautiful piece...radiant and gorgeous her spirit is powerful and her! Truly magnifincent work!! Shine on!

Tara Dillard said...

She's gorgeous, and not even finished. Timeless too. But that's one of your talents.

Have you painted your garden as you see it in your head?

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on your acceptance into what will surely be a feather in your cap and added exposure in your community. This piece is lovely, but I'm surprised you don't own an easel. I can't even paint, and doing so on my lap would only add to the growing number of outfits that have paint permanently and prominently displayed on them.

I must take some lessons from you. I had considered selling my 96 page "Oh Baby" fabric book that took about 24 hours to make the pages, 4 hours to make the cover (including hand dyeing some of the fabric), and another two for the assembly, for $25.00. I came by this dollar amount since my "materials" were all scraps, or given to me, the only "cost" being fabric, thread, and sewing machine upkeep. I can see I should probably rethink my sales structure. So obviously, I won't be offering YOU any advice in that category.

peggy gatto said...

Reminds me of artist Klimit (klimt)
Flowers are exquisite!

mermaiden said...

I just adore Klimt! I've sold all the Klimt jewelry in my shop, so I should probably fix that. Does your painting have any metallics? I love that about his work.
So glad your muse has found her way back :D

Kelly Jeanette said...

A beautiful lady. Can't wait to see the finihed piece. I love klimit. And congrats on the show.

Can't help you with pricing. I struggle with that myself. I'm always afraid that I'm scaring away sales, but then I'm scared I'm underpricing myself.

Good luck finding that balance.

Tammy said...

I love your new painting, Steph. It is gorgeous!I cannot wait to see the finished piece. Congratulations on the show! Whoot! You go girl! Make sure you display your artwork in a wonderful way to make the buyer have to wonder through. Make it a feast for the eyes that matches the beauty of your paintings. I am so excited for you. Let us know how it goes.
Pricing is always a challenge. Here is an article I found interesting and may be helpful to you.

Hugs to you lady. Your artwork always makes me happy. You are so talented!

priti.lisa said...

YiPPeeee! I am so excited for you Stephanie! You are going to WOW them, I am sure.
You know I am Klimt's biggest fan, but I am thinking you will out do him...certainly I am your biggest fan, too ;D

I think, since you typed 22 twice, you may have answered yourself, lol. But what do I know?

Best wishes on a successful weekend, Chickie!

EVA said...

Beautiful!! She is going to be gorgeous when she is finished! (She already is!)