Sunday, May 22, 2011

My BOGO Sale is over, BUT my Spring Cleaning Sale has only begun.....

Hello my bloggity friends!  I just want to give y'all the heads up that while my BOGO sale ended on Friday, many of my paintings are now in my Spring Cleaning section and marked down to 40% off!  You can check them out HERE!

Also, I finished the rose painting and it's now in my Etsy as well- that link is HERE.
"A Tale of Two Roses"

And I also decided to list my Chartreuse zinnia- sometimes I like to live with my paintings for a while before selling them!  That link is HERE.
"Zinnia in Chartreuse"

That's all for now, have a GREAT Sunday!

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craftattack said...

Love your roses. Good that you have persevered till it was finished! Valerie