Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Matisse: Room wth a View

For our second project in art class, the kiddos and I talked about Henri Matisse and how he often chose to do paintings featuring many patterns in a room centering on a window and the view from it.  Maybe we'll do another Matisse inspired project- play with collage like he did too....maybe even pretend to be bedridden?  For this project, I had the students explore drawing several patterns and choose 2-3 to create their rooms with.  Also, both girls love cats, so I encouraged them to include a feline in their work as well.  These projects usually require two 1 1/2 hour classes to complete so they can apply a variety of thought and techniques to create really amazing work.

The first week was all about planning their art and then laying in the patterns with oil pastel.  It was important that they get this done the first day so they could do the water color portion the second week and have time to allow it to dry!

  The second week was a race to get finished on time- we even had to skip our wiggle break!  
We'll have an extra long one this week- maybe!

 And here's the finished results!

Happy September by the way- I'll be back soon!


craftattack said...

Beautiful work! What lovely ideas you have for your kids, and the results are just amazing! Hugs, Valerie

Tracey Fletcher King said...

simply gorgeous... I loved using Matisse as a starting point when I was teaching... the finished products are just wonderful.. I bet they were thrilled with them...xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm having a terrible time keeping my computer running, so that's why I'm late. I am SO impressed with what you do with these young artists. They look so serious when they are working, I can tell the intensity must be high. It's good to see that kind of commitment, concentration, and RESULTS in anyone that age. If only I'd had the chance to learn like that!

As always, you've impressed me.

Magpie said...

It's so nice to see the happy artists back in class! I'll bet it's their favorite part of the day! I love that you're teaching them about great artists as well as giving them a chance to discover their own creativity.

An'Angelia Thompson said...

Wonderful results and a wonderful lesson for the children!