Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What's Goin' On in Art Class...

 SO I'll share a couple of pieces from BEFORE Christmas when I just couldn't seem to get myself to the blogger dashboard.  These are the kiddos mythological creature portraits- it was their "open choice" project and my only specifications was that the had to design some kind of border and have their art extend beyond said border.  Other than that, all choices were theirs; media, colors, all of it!
 Leila's mermaid reminds me of the "falling Ladies" Andrea Thompson used to do......
and I love her border!
And I love the wayColson used her clouds to create a border for her dragon.
LOVE my students!

Where I live, the kids have pretty short vacations in exchange for having one week off every six weeks.  So come January 3, we were back in the swing of things and art class started up once more!  I was ready, cause' I miss my little guys when I don't see them! 
Here are some snaps of what we've been up to the last couple of weeks...

Here is Nick's finished painting- Leila's will be finished tomorrow.....and then we're moving onto Super Self-Portrait Hero Comic Panels.  Can't WAIT!
That's all for now,


Elizabeth Johnson said...

Love the art of kids. I especially like the mermaid covered in water.

craftattack said...

Just fantastic, love what you are doing with those kiddies! Hugs, Valerie