Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Art Class: Comic Strips and the Art of mixing the color BLACK

Here's what we've been working on in art class.  We ended January with a story board done comic style- since they are always doodling their own comics, I thought why not give it to them as a project!  And what a great opportunity to learn how to mix the color black? 
So, they sketched out their stories, illustrated them and then painted it in.  On this particular day, Leila was playing catch up from being sick, so the pictures of her are of the Radial Names project.....
Blacks and neutrals aren't easy to mix, but SO effective

After painting in black on each panel, I allowed the to use 1-2 primary colors

Nick's comic was inspired by Calvin and Hobbes- led to a great talk about inspiration v/s copying!
Leila is LOVING the metallic colored pencils!
Leila added some creative drawing into her lettering
Always time for free art!

So now you're almost caught up on art class- we are working on a cool feather drawing/painting project right now.  I'll share pictures soon!


Netty said...

Your students are so very talented. x

Jaime Haney at said...

Leila is a girl after my own heart with those metallic pencils *swoon* ;) what creativity they all have.

Kat W said...

Children are such fabulous inspiration in the way their imagination flows straight into their creations. I love painting with my kids and used to love working in schools doing creative writing workshops. As adults I think its good for us to create with children and be reminded of seeing things through a child's fresh eyes.
Kat Xx