Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Update on our Auction at Inspiration Avenue

Hello all, our auction at Inspiration Avenue for Angel Faces is in full swing and I thought I'd pop in with updates on current bidding.  I've also added a link to each artist's post where you can add your own bid if you like.
1.The current bid for  Angie's Butterfly Painting/Collage is at: $32.00
2. The current bid for Lisa D's  Mermaid Painting is at: $25.00
3.The current bid for Cyndi's  Blue Dangle Earrings is at: $8.00
4.The current bid for Stephanie's (yes, that's me:)) Pansy Painting is at: $25.00
5.The current bid for Chris's Rose Fine Art Print is at: $10.00
6.The current bid for Luthien's Estella Necklace is at: $27.00
7.The current bid for Lisa D's  Angel Face doll is at: $30.00
8.The current bid for Cyndi's  Chocolate Brown Post Earrings is at: $7.00
9.The current bid for Cyndi's  Green Dangle Earrings  is at: $10.00
10.The current bid for Charlie's Fine Art Tote Bag is at: $28.00
11.& 12. The current bid for Maggie's TWO Original Mixed Media Fairies is at: $25.00
13. The current bid for Art Ist's  greeting cards is at: $6.00
14.The current bid for Lisa W's  Original Painting "Enchanted" is at: $40.00
15.The current bid for  Julie's  Original Mixed Media Painting is at: $52.00
16.The current bid for Beth's TWO Handmade Pin Cusions+ Corsage is at: $20.00
17.The current bid for Shels' Metal Sculpture is at: $8.00
18.The current bid for Tammy's "Love One Another" is at : $15.00
19. The current bid for Tammy's  Mixed Media Wall Hanging is at: $12.00 

As you can see, all of the current bids are still at very reasonable levels.  So, here's your chance to obtain some very affordable art at the same time as contributing to a very worthwhile charity; Angel Faces

 I hope to see you there- cheers!


luthien said...

what a wonderful update my fren :) you always come up with the brilliantest posts!!!

Halo Hill said...

Beautiful pieces! So generous and kind of you!


Christine Edwards said...

Lots of lovely things up for auction. I'm sure they'll bring in lots for your charity.