Sunday, June 6, 2010

Peaches, peaches and MORE Peaches.......

Yesterday was our fourth week doing the Saturday Decatur Farmer's Market and the first time that I was organized enough to bring my camera.  However, it doesn't seem to matter how organized we are in our set up, the minute we begin putting stuff out, the people come, and come and come......... in the pictures, if you notice that the shelves are not quite full, it's because I had to fill them between sales! 
In the last two weeks, I have canned and cooked roughly 80 pounds of peaches, and now (Thank goodness:)) it's time to move on to blueberries!  I made some of the best peach preserves I've ever tasted (if I say so myself ;)) and peach- rosemary jam, plus tarts and fact, I sold out of my double peach cheesecake with a gingersnap crust less than an hour after we started and evidently, I will be cooking a few more peaches, beacuse I promised to bring more next week.........but it will feel VERY good to be working with blueberries too, now!
Anyway here are a few pictures.....maybe I'll remember my camera again next week and get some snaps after everything is set up, but BEFORE everything is sold out.......
My Dad and brother wOrKInG it......and while I should have been putting flowers and jams out, I have to admit that I was taking pictures!

You can see a few of my jams and tarts and flowers, I actually meant to take a picture of my car while it was filled to the brim with my wares- maybe next week:)

Anywho, that' should give an idea of what we're up to at the market, now I must be off to take some pics of the garden so I can participate in this week's challenge at Inspiration Avenue....


luthien said...

OMG!!! you are such a talented lady!! the market must be fun fun!! i didn't know you sold edibles too :)) salute!!

Lynn said...

Wow, I can't believe it, when do you even have time to blog? You are an artist and a chef too, good for you.
I love preserves but I can't cook a thing. Thank God for my husband who enjoys it, one of his hobbies is to bake and he is really good too :)