Thursday, June 17, 2010

What's UP in the Studio- and a lil' bit more of the Iris

G'morning peoples in bloglandia!  Yesterday, I was thrilled  to paint for more than three hours before the kids woke up and I had other responsibilities to attend to! Here's a peek at the iris- it's getting close to being complete. At this point, I usually start trying to think of titles, but I'm currently coming up empty. So, I thought I'd ask my lovely blog friends if they had any suggestions? Hmmm, ideas anyone?

Now I'm off to start my weekly baking for the market......more peaches, again.  It's a very good thing I like peaches so much!  For anyone who's interested, here's a snap of my car from last week loaded and ready to go to market....I was on a cheesecake kick last week and made double peach cheesecakes, white chocolate cheesecakes glazed with blueberries and my favorite; caramel peach crunch tarts.
Till next time,


Healing Woman said...

Stephanie! You would fit right in with our Farmer's Market here in Roanoke. Those baskets look so delectable! Bet you sold out.

priti.lisa said...

I spy some samples! Great idea, I always buy what I taste. I hope you have help packaging and packing...that's just too much work for a queen :)

Speaking of royalty...your purple iris...the name should have the word majestic in it...or how about "Her Majesty"

Glad to hear you are finding time for yourself,
Love to you!

Magpie said...

I hope you have a vast kitchen and several ovens! Not to mention lots of help! Here's my wish for the week: I wish I could visit your farmer's market! Yum!

Your iris is coming along beautifully. I like Lisa's suggestion for a title. Purple is a royal color so it fits.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I have been gone for what seems like forever, and here you nearly have that lovely iris finished. I'm glad you took time to do something that makes you happy before the day progressed into baking, child rearing, and other chores.

Wow, that cheesecake looks and sounds yummy. Isn't Georgia the peach state? I know there are a lot of Peach streets in Atlanta. Try to have a stress free day and enjoy your weekend at the market.

Charlie said...

Your iris is coming along very well. So beautiful!
As far as names ....I'm blank too, but I agree with Lisa's idea. "Her majesty" sounds like a winner to me.
Your farmers market sounds so cool! Wish we had one like yours here. No one bakes goods for markets.

Yvonne said...

Ohhhh, I wish I lived close to you! It sounds so nummy and looks wonderful!