Monday, August 2, 2010

New Treasury- Friendship 1

G'morning all, I just wanted to do a quick post sharing this new treasury my altered book was included in.  There's lots of beautiful work in here- be sure to check it out!
Have a great Monday!


Laura Haviland said...

Welcome back Talented Stephanie,
All I can say is a big wow !!!
Your collage altered book is amazing, I just adore the colors. It is so pretty,I love it.
All the art work is just lovely and fabulous truly. What a collection of stunning art work to behold.
Have a great day and wishing you all the very best ahead in life.
Biggest friendship Hugs, Laura.xoxx
P.S. I just loved the picture of your cat with the paper doll cat, it was so neat... see ya.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I was here earlier, but couldn't leave a message. I refreshed and finally shut my computer down. I went to etsy to see your book. It is wonderful and I am so impressed with the various widths of the pages. Great book and beautiful painting.

priti.lisa said...

Glad your art is getting some well deserved recognition :) All of your work is beautiful...just like you!