Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weekly Challenge- "Coffee"

I am so pleased with myself! I actually managed to create a new painting for the weekly challenge at Inspiration Avenue. I've been so crazy busy lately with trying to get new paintings done for the gallery opening and all the baking and jam making for the market, that it's been a looong time since I had anything to offer! This actually started out very differently than it is now. It was basically a painting of a woman holding a cup of coffee, but something about her face kept reminding me of Matisse's "Madame Matisse" so I decided to add some colors similar to his painting, and then I decided that I needed some vermillion Hibiscus around her to balance the colors and voila! Here she is, in my head, I'm calling her "Mocha Mama" but the official title is "Coffee in the Garden" which I think is a really boring title- anyone have any suggestions?

Be sure to stop by Inspiration Avenue to check out all the submissions on Sunday after 12:00 or even better go submit your own entry for "Coffee" and be eligible for a prize!
Have a great day!


Yvonne said...

Oh Stephanie, this is absolutely gorgeous!

Shelinwa said...

oh yes it os I totally agree with Yvonne
Love it!!

priti.lisa said...

I am more than pleased with you! She is effin' fan-tab-u-lous! I can't even tell you how much I love her. She has a very Asian feel to her, for me.
Wow, I am envious...I don't have an inkling what I can do...
BRAVO Stephanie! You are amazing :)

Healing Woman said...

I can't think of a better name for her Stephanie. I absolutely love the way the flowers seem to be reflected in her face. I agree with Lisa, she does look very Asian. Congratulations on finding time to work on this really cool painting. With all you are into right now, I don't see how you have a minute to spare.

Mila said...

This is ART Stephanie!This painting "ooze" emotions!Her face with her enchanting eyes are absolutely gorgeous!
In italian we say BRAVA (as you are a woman)!
Mila :)

Regina said...

Stephanie.....this piece is amazing. LOVE the gives her an air of elegance!! Love both the names too..LOL!!!SO happy that you found the time to paint her...WOW are going to be turning around and meeting yourself if not careful. ^_^


EVA said...

Lovely piece!! I too think she looks Asian - maybe the black hair, pale complexion and how she holds the cup. It appears to be warming her hands and her soul.

A beautiful work of art!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You are an amazing artist. Each time I see your art, I think how in awe of you I am of your unbelievable talent. Very Asian feeling. I loved the contradictory feel, because when I think Asian, I usually think tea. I always like it when I find deeper meaning in a painting.

Magpie said...

Stephanie, this is wonderful! I love this elegant lady. Something about her, maybe the slightly raised eyebrow, is saying, 'You do not want to mess with me'. She is a very strong woman. All the red surrounding her is perfect!

Does this mean you are finally getting some time to yourself now?

WrightStuff said...

A beautiful Geisha girl I think. She looks lost in thought. This is a stunning painting Steph, I am in awe!

Robin Norgren said...

I echo everyone's admiration-unbeleivable how quickly you designed her. "She sits and wait with grace"

Kiki said...

Beautiful and inspiring..wonderful!

IM GIRL said...

She looks like she might read tea leaves in the bottom of the cup and has something to tell you!
She definitely has something to say!

Love it!