Friday, October 29, 2010

Curiouser and Curiouser- Featuring Mermaiden Creations

"Ode to Persephone" by Mermaiden Creations
 Since it's almost Halloween and part of my costume was inspired by one of my favorite Etsy artists, I thought I'd do a feature on Julie Ferioli of Mermaiden Creations. I'm sure a lot of you are already familiar with Julie's magickal creations, but for those of you who are NOT; Julie creates the most whimsical beautifully crafted art ranging from her amazing handmade witches hats to a whole array of incredibly romantic and surreal jewelry.......I bought one of my favorite pairs of earrings from her- these "Gaze into my Eyes" and I always get the nicest compliments when I wear them!

I've been drooling over her statement necklaces, trying to find a way to make one work for my mostly casual style- I think I could pull it off with a cool shirt and some jeans, right?  Lol!  All I know, is that I love these designs, and one WILL be mine sooner rather than later!
Be sure to check out her other jewelry, her style covers an amazing range from romantic to steampunk to slightly surreal and the occasional homage to master artists
BUT, the main reason I'm writing this is to share my admiration for Julie's witch hats.....because in my post for tomorrow,  I plan on sharing MY humble witch hat inspired by Julie's art.....but, that's for tomorrow, let me move on to today.
Gothic Gorgeous Witch Hat Elegant Unique Chic
"There is a swathe of blood red roses hand formed from lush velvet to adorn the hat in the most striking manner....For the gothic gorgeous witch in wicked."  This beauty is still available along with a handful of others at Mermaiden Creations, Julie's Etsy Shop.
"Dance with Persephone" (This hat is no longer available, but I love it so much, I just had to share it......)

So tho' I could go on and on about Julie's work, I must get back to my own piece inspired by her so I can A.Share it with you guys and B. Wear it to a party tomorrow night....I will give you a hint on my costume tho'- I'm going to be the Wickedest Queen of Hearts Witch ever there was.....see you tomorrow?  And be sure to take a peek at Mermaiden Creations....she has 99 items fror sale and each one is gorgeous!
I'm off to paint some roses.....Happy Friday!


Charlie said...

Wow! These hats are amazing. I love them. Can't wait to see your costume. Have fun this Halloween.

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

These are awesome! I wasn't aware of Julie, and am now a fan! I can't wait to see your creation tomorrow!

Happy Halloween!

p.s. come by my blog to see a scary site!

mermaiden said...

Stephanie, you're a gem! I'm so honored (and excited) that my witch hats inspired you. Can't wait to see yours :D I may wear my Witch in Wonderland on Sunday, so we can be Curioser together!
Thank you so much for flattering me, you've made my day my dear.

Kiki said...

These are all fabulous and super lovely..wonderful spotlight!

thehauntedstudiounderthestairs said...



Brandy said...

I love Channeling Frida!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Isn't Julie wonderful? I own 8 or 9 of her hats. She is such an amazing artist and I am honored to call her my good friend too. Great post Stephanie!

Happy Scary Day!


Dianne said...

Gorgeous witch hats! I have a black velvet one that I am adorning with flowers... Last year it was a huge red silk rose, this year it might be handmade rag roses!

priti.lisa said...

Another fabulous, deserving Artist!
You could go on and on about her creations for sure! Can't wait to see you as a 'wicked' witch!
That will be a stretch :)
Painting the roses red is a perfectly wonderful way to waste time!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Guess I should have read this post first. These are lovely hats, but yours is perfect, too. I had never heard of Julie, so thanks for the introduction.