Saturday, November 20, 2010

What's UP in the Studio- Just a bit more on Midnight in the Garden......

Dontcha love my sloppy desk?

Since the weekend is upon us and my kids will be home until the Monday after Thanksgiving, I will probably only have snippets of time to paint. But, sometimes that's a good thing. Right now, my painting is at the point where I need to leave it alone and consider what it wants in order to be finished. It's also at that point where if I just jump in, I'll make a LOT more work for myself by overoing it. I have two pictures for you guys today- the first one is before I started painting yesterday- the reason I'm showing it is because I like the horizon line in it better than where it is now. Not being a landscape painter, this is the kind of thing I struggle with. A lot. So I need ya'll's eyes and suggestions- right now it's too harsh. Do I just blend it in with the suggestion of a horizon or do I have the leafy bits drape over the existing line? Seriously, I need any suggestions, prompts, etc.! Thanks!
Oh, and the colors in the first one are more accurate.  The second one was taken before sunrise with a flash and with my decrepit camera that I'm hoping Santa will replace :)  So please bring on the suggestions- I AM happy with the far background and the statue tho' he still needs a few more highlights.
Have a wonderful Saturday, whatever you choose to do with it!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Wow, your kids have a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG break. How lucky for them, but possibly not so much for you. This lovely Midnight in the Garden piece is really taking shape. I am in awe of the detail, especially in the garden angel. The "muscles" are so well defined.

You asked how long it takes me to make one of my books. I have no idea. I think around 120 hours to make the signatures, and I can't begin to count the time I spend working on the cover. One thing I do know, I spend about forty minutes on one side of a page, which makes two pages when installed in the signature. I can't seem to cut the time down, no matter what I try.

Lynn said...

Stephanie, they both look beautiful to me, I am sorry I can't help you with the landscape painting as I don't know how to paint. I would say if "you" love it, then it's done :)