Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekly Challenge at Inspiration Avenue: "Fur"

The prompt at Inspiration Avenue this week was "FUR" set by the amazingly talented Lisa of Priti Studios.....I feel so lucky to be this team with her- she is an incredible lady!
For the challenge, I knew I had to to feature one of our four cats and I remembered a picture of Lily at the birdbath.  Lily is our 10 year old Tuxedo cat and she is starting to act a little old- one of our friends has nicknamed her "Prozac" because you never know if you're gonna be encountering the sweet gal who likes to be petted
or the spitting and hissing hag who has been known to trap people in the bathroom.....
Don't  believe for a second that she is half as innocent as she looks.....:)
And don't forget to stop by Inspiration Avenue to see what everyone else has done for the challenge- it's sure to fun, varied and FULL of talented ideas!
Have a great Sunday,
As you might have noticed, Lily is convinced that ALL birdbaths are for her!


gemma said...

This could be a scene at my house.
Lily is Peri menopause perhaps?

Magpie said...

Aww, Lily is a doll. I can't imagine her trapping anyone in the bathroom haha! I love both the painting and the photo!

Your Lily is the same age as my DeeDee, whose real name is Thunder. I had a cat named Lily once. My Lily lived to be over 20 years old...may yours enjoy a long healthy life like hers!

Yvonne said...

Your painting is gorgeous, Stephanie! Love the pic of Lily's water dish :)

Kiki aka Victoria said... beautiful!! Gorgeous sweet kitty!
Shine on!

Joanne Huffman said...

Love the painting - so full of spring beauty (still waiting for spring to hit Michigan, but enjoying a momentary thaw).

priti.lisa said...

You made me laugh, Stephanie :) Great story.
And of course I am lovin' your painting <3

Kat W said...

Beautiful painting, soft and pretty with amazing detail.

Great photo of Lily at the bird bath or should I say at her water bowl! I have a 9 month old tuxedo cat named Alfie he is a fab character.

Kat :-)

Msartist said...

One of my daughters has a male cat doing that! Luckily she lives on her own, as I am not fond of these outbursts of craziness! lol Lovely painting!
I wonder if they make meds for that! lol

dthaase said...

I love the texture in this piece

Carola Bartz said...

Love Lily, love both pictures, especially the first one, beautiful texture.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Lily must have been taking lessons from Bleubeard. One minute he's the sweetest, most adorable guy, and the next he's scratching and biting. Some cats are like that from birth. Glad Lily wasn't always that way. I love that painting. As always, your art astounds me.

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

My dad's cat, Cali, is like that. I call her Satan Cat. Now my twin boy kittens, Thunder and Lightning have great personalities except with themselves. They are fighting tooth and nail and then fall asleep together on the dog in a pile. At night they are Ninja attack bounce off your head cats!!! Not very amusing at 3 am. Now Glove my 19 year old sweetie lets nothing bother her except those ninja cats... she hates them and becomes the spitting and hissing hag as you say... hahaha that was funny.

Nice painting Stephanie :)

Lynn said...

What a perfect scene, and beautiful artwork :)