Friday, December 9, 2011

I'm still here......

Hello people in bloglandia-  I just wanted to pop my head in for a minute and let you all know I'm still around!  My computer is in hard-drive-intensive-care and so I haven't been able to post pictures like I usually do. Since I'm using my husband's computer, I've not been taking nearly as many pics as usual- I don't want to get in trouble for being a space hog and I take a LOT of pictures!
My November classes are winding down and since they were out on Holiday for Thanksgiving, we're just now finishing our "Sky Watchers" pieces.  They are my favorite project to date- I LOVE them all!  And of course I have TONS of snaps on the other computer that I can't get to, but I can share where we were on it yesterday....
We started by sketching mountains and discussing the way the colors change as they recede into the distance.  They drew their mountains and worked to blend the colors to have a realistic appearance and then painted a sunrise/sunset using wide horizontal brush strokes and water color bleeds- gorgeous!  Then yesterday, we drew and painted Native Americans clad in patterned robes which we'll glue down next week to complete the pieces.
And I must admit that it's been so long since I posted about class, I just realized that I never shared the results of our Warm and Cool Color projects- they turned out really well too!
 I've been brainstorming ideas for my Christmas ART Jam camps- I'm super excited about this- more on that later!


craftattack said...

Nice to see you again, and I LOVE what you are doing with those kids! Valerie

Fallingladies said...

Beautiful art! I've been suffering from computer issues too, it slows down the blogging!

Magpie said...

You're such a good teacher, and I'll bet the kids love you! You have awesome ideas for the art lessons. I love the mountain one about colors receding in the distance. Something every artist needs to observe!

priti.lisa said...

You are wonderful Stephanie!
I wish I could go to your art have so much to share. The kid's art is just fantastic...but I always love kid's art...they use their inner artist much more freely.
I am also (nosy-parker) looking at your walls...
Beautiful! I love the color and those wide stripes!
Hope your Sunday is happy, my friend.
Love, Lisa

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

I've missed you! :)

I always enjoy seeing the pictures of your students and their work. So colorful and inspirational. These are just beautiful!