Sunday, May 9, 2010

on Being a Mother......

Happy Mother's Day- I thought I'd share some artists whose work speaks to me on being a mother......

I couldn't resist including one of my drawings- no, it's not for sale- it was a baby gift for my brother when his son, Porter was born four years ago......

So, happy Mother's Day to all, whether you are Mothers or daughters, it's still a special day!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

These are excellent examples of mothers in art. What a nice way to showcase these great pieces. I'm opinionated. I love your drawing of the feet. Have a wonderful Mother's Day.

Susan said...

What wonderful artwork....Thank you for sharing such a great collection. Happy Mother's Day!

Charlie said...

These are an awesome collection. I especially love your you are so talented.That was an amazing gift to give to your brother.
Happy Mother's Day to you too. Hope you had a good one.

Laura Haviland said...

Wow Stephanie, I just loved all the Mother's in art !!!
Can you send me your snail mail to:
I want to send you the kitty cat, your such a sweetie.
Have a great day,Hugs Laura. xoxx

Mila said...

Hi Stephanie...on later but Happy Mother's day !
Yes, I'm come back from a crazy !
Thank you for your sweet note and for your welcome :))
What a lovely & delicate drawing :))
Have a wonderful day dear friend :)
Mila :)

Mila said...

Sthepanie...ops sorry I would write "crazy time" and not only crazy...:/
Mila :)

Lynn said...

Beautiful works of art, thank you for sharing with us. I love your sketch of the baby feet, it is sooooooo precious, you are very talented.
Thank you for visiting me often, I try to and get behind, all I seem to do right now is pack things up for the move.
Have a great day,