Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Decking the Halls- Part 1

This is our Christmas Angel that Emmie made with a self portrait and handprint wings when she was three-
today is her 15th birthday- yes, her "golden" birthday :D
This is actually the second posting I've done this morning, but due to technical difficulties with Blogger's photo editor, I've given up and set it up as 2 separate posts........
Here is some of the "Holly and Ivy" I've added in around my house.  I haven't been quite as enthusiastic this year with everyone being sick and all, but at least I've got *some* green and glitter around...enjoy :)
I love this Father Christmas- he is so magical to me!

My little mannikin always makes it into the holiday decor....

Emmie's Baby Foot Reindeer

When Caroline was in Pre K- the teachers did a bulletin board of "What they wanted to get Mom for Christmas" 
I very happily removed from the display for my own keeping :D

My art teacher and her sister made this Santa for my Christmas Ornament wedding shower- it is one of my FAVORITE things!

You might recognize this painting- I like to keep my favorites close until they sell- that way, I'm able to part with them....after spending so much time with them, they become almost like on of your chldren!

A bejeweled pomegranate and some mini ornies to accessorize my Lady......

Can I blame the cord showing on the fact that I had a high fever when I was on the ladder hanging this?

O.K. that's by far enough (probably too much) but I have to say in my defense, after fighting with blogger and the image editor so much lately, I finally caved and did it through Picassa- SO much easier, civilized and there was NO teeth grinding occured in the process.  Picassa- I LOVE you!
AND, now, I'm feeling much more Christmassey- maybe even enough to get the ladder out and fix that cord.......:)
Have a bright, blessed day!
I'm off to start my Victorian-ish piece......


Regina said...

Ohhh Stephanie...I love all your decorations and you home is lovely!! So happy that ya'll are feeling better too.


Mila said...

Love Christmas time & your decorations are sooo cute!
Stephanie, I read your problems with Blogger and the image you know "Windows Live Writer"? It's a program that can help you to publish your blog to almost any blog service provider. I love it as I can for example, up-load my photos and enlarge how I want.
Do you catch my meaning...:/? I know sometimes (!) my English is terrible!
Mila :)

mermaiden said...

i love the sentimental touches :D and that father xmas has very a very elfin personality- love it!

Kelly Jeanette said...

Your decorations are great. Love that santa. Is that a magnolia swag? I love it.

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

Your home looks so warm and homey! I love all your decorations and I did recognize your painting right away! I love the baby foot reindeer.