Thursday, December 16, 2010

Decking the Halls.......Part 2

This is one of my favorite ornaments made with a footprint, 2 handprints and a thumbprint for the nose
The last thing I did before getting sick was to start decorating my house for the holidays. Actually, that should have been my first sign that I was going down, because this is usually one of my favorite things to do! And it wasn't. At least not at the time. But I've been tweaking here and there, and it's finally about where I want it, or at least at that point where I can say, "Good enough!"

So here's your mini holiday tour of my home.......
I always try to make a new wreath- this one was actually a Summer wreath centered around a HUGE sunflower head- I just added fresh berries, greenery and a favorite ornie.... 

My little antique mannikin always shos up in my seasonal decorations- so here he is sporting his yule tide offerings.....
That's all for now-

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