Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just Checkin' in.....

Hello all, I can't believe how long it's been since I posted anything!  The flu hit our house and hit HARD.....first my daughter got sick and was out of school for three days at the beginning of last week, then my son got it and was sick from Friday through the weekend.  I managed to to pick it up somewhere between the two of them, and I'm sure, those of you who are Mom's remember how hard it is to stop "doing" and rest even when you're sick. So I pushed and pushed over the weekend, managing to get little things done and crashing by the middle of each day.  Real smart right?  Anyway, I am finally on the mend and only one kid left home sick- my oldest succumbed on Sunday.  I HATE the flu!
I did manage to hold a paintbrush for a little while yesterday and attempt to finish my tulip this point it could be technically called "finished" but I'm not listing it on Etsy until I've had it set aside for a while, 'cause I'm just not happy with it.  Could be the remmnants of fever instead of the actual painting tho', so I'll wait. 
Meanwhile I have a lady in my head calling to be painted......I watched the Titanic on Sunday, nothing like a reaaallly romantic tragedy while you're tucked up in bed sneezing, fevering and all the like :)  Anyway, the "vision" of Victoriana (hope I'm in the right era:)) has stuck in my head, so that's where I'm going next.  Hopefully getting moving on a new painting will get me out of this funk I'm in- something has to!
It doesn't help things that this isn't the best picture- there's a lot more detail in the white tulips than shows up

I am happy with the red tulip- "Rose Red" and the leaves.....

So that's my "check in" just so folks know I'm still around.  I've been managing to visit some blogs- if I haven't made it to yours yet, I promise to stop by soon :)  
Have a great day!


Kiki aka Victoria said...

yay Stephanie..always lovely to connect with you.! All your work is gorgeous..and I look forward to your Victoriana creations..wonderful!!
Shine on!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm really glad you checked in. I hope the flu has left your place now and you are feeling better. Can't wait to see the lady you create. I know it will be wonderful. Stay warm, drink plenty of fluids, and get better. I want you around for the new year!

priti.lisa said...

Yuck. the flu. We don't get sick around here. Not allowed! Isn't it great you got it over with before Christmas?
I think your painting is gorge!!!

Mila said...

Hi Steph!Here is all ok the moment ;) after I don't know as we are in freezing temperature..but I love it!
Gorgeous your tulip!!!!
Mila :)