Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekly Challenge- OR, What I would have Submitted, Had I finished in Time.....

Time seems to be becoming more and more of an issue for me these days.  I don't understand but I need to fix it!  It was a little embarrassing to not have an entry for this week's challenge at Inspiration Avenue since I was the one who set the prompt.....but my daughter was sick all week, and I was down with a cold and add that to de-Christmasing the house, I just didn't get done on time!
However, I can show my painting to you as a WIP......I'm back on a temporary Tulip kick and my prompt was Color- do you dream in color and if so, which one is the one that sings for you?  My favorite colors have ALWAYS been purple and green in varying shades at various times in my life.  What's funny, is those are probably my least favorite colors to paint with!
For now, it's hot rich passionate VERMILION that sings it's voice into most of my work.  I'll vary it a little sometimes with pinks and magenta but it's always there in the background.....
SO.  Here is what for now I'm calling Rococo.....
So the only thing about vermilion is the fact that it's translucent and to get the brilliance I see in my head, I have to create layer on top of layer on top of I said, this is a WIP but I'm hoping to finish in the next day or two.  Because I'm feeling inspired to get moving on some new pieces!
Happy Creating,


Felicia Kramer said...

I know just how you feel, Stef. Every week I write down the Inspiration theme, with good intentions of submitting something. And every week just gets away from me. Right now I'm getting ready for my pre-op testing next week in St. Louis. My anxiety about the upcoming surgery probably doesn't help! Hope you're doing better now.

Healing Woman said...

Ahhh..Now I understand where you were. I was just thinking this morning as I was posting that I had not seen anything from you in awhile. I always hated it when one of the kids was sick. Worries.

Rococo is fabulous! The colors are my favorite. I just love how you meshed them together, even if it did take many layers. Also, I must say, I really love your new banner!!!!

Dianne said...


Mila said...

OMG!!!!Great job Stephanie!
Have a wonderful week!
Mila :)

Charlie said...

Awesome painting! Don't be too hard on yourself. I'm going through the same, but I can't get started on anything.I think if I started I could finish. Blame it on the weather.

Regina said... is looking amazing as always!! I do see colors in my dreams and for some reason it is usually purple, black and gray. Don't know why?? I do hope that everyone is feeling tons better now. I'm sure ya'll are having a "snow day" and that always makes things better ^_^


priti.lisa said...

Holy Shizz!!!
I love the red and the almost black background...perfect to make the red even more vibrant! yet, not so black...I love the shadow!
Oh my, Stephanie, this has got to be my most favorite (do I always say that?)
It's true. You keep out-doing yourself!

luthien said...

as gorgeous as ever!! you should have submitted it ... i wouldn't even know that it's WIP. it looks superb to me already!

hope everyone is well now ... the dreaded flu season!! Llara is down with running nose and chesty cough ... and i'm praying that she doesn't pass it to my little preemie!! UGH!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You may have missed the challenge, but you didn't MISS the challenge. This is perfect. It is so rich and beautiful. You have a real gift. I am (as always) so impressed.

Hope you are feeling better. I understand the time factor more than you know.

EVA said...

Gorgeous Stephanie!!

Really vibrant and beautiful!!