Thursday, April 28, 2011

Week 3 of Art Class

Wow, I can't believe the first 6 week session of art class is halfway over!  We started class by doing final touch up to the orchid paintings and removing the taped borders- I'm always amazed at how professional something as simple as tape makes children's art look!  Each child then posed with their finished masterpiece:

 Then it was time to get started on our new project.  I love Cooper Edens; he does the coolest little books with almost surreal illustrations and always adds the neatest little sayings.  Anyway, my Mom gave me one of his books a couple years ago and one of the spreads was "If you're afraid of the dark, add one more star to the night"  I just LOVE that!  And so, I turned it into a project starting with filling the inside square with oil pastel stars (any color they wanted because these are THEIR stars, and why should they just be white?) and then going around the entire border with the quote- I love words mixed with art!  Next week, they'll be painting a night-time sky over the words and stars and doing a self portrait of themselves holding a star- we'll also be creating ladders to "stand on" to reach the sky ;)

We took a little wiggle break to dance to "Who Let the Dogs Out?"...........

I can't WAIT to see these with paint and portraits!
See you next week!


Fallingladies said...

Wow, The kids art is amazing! I love the tape border too, but either way you helped them do great work!

Healing Woman said...

I can tell you are probably a wonderful teacher. You have lots of energy and enthusiasm and I'm sure the kids pick up on that. I'll bet they are thrilled to see their artwork posted on your blog!!!! Great job kids.

Regina said...

Oh my are bringing out the inner artist in the kiddos that are sure to become full blown artist. I loved all of their paintings. So excited to see this newest project. You are so talented.


Netty said...

How wonderful these paintings are and they are so lucky to have you. Annette x

Tammy said...

How fun! The paintings do look so professional with the taped borders. I know they must be proud. Your newest project looks and sounds like lots of fun. Wish I could could come over and play. :) I love the children's writing around the outside, too. Thanks for sharing these with us. Fun fun!