Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekly Challenge at Inspiration Avenue: "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

For those of you who've seen the stages of this since it's beginning might notice a lot of changes- in the flowers, her pose, dragonfly tattoo,'s taken me a while to get there, but I think she's close to being done.  I just want to fade out that tattoo a bit and maybe play a little more with the's getting close to that point where I need to leave it lest I run the risk of overworking and ruining it!
 I know the flowers were more "rainbow-ish" before and thus more fitting for this week's challenge of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", but I just had to change them.  I think this piece still works for the challenge because there is a rainbow of colors in here, even if they're not in rainbow format.....btw the way I must say thank you to Lisa DiNunzio for the idea of a dragonfly tatt- I think it's the perfect finishing touch, even though it's still too dark- I LOVE it!
Be sure to pop over to Inspiration Avenue to see what everyone else has come up with for this week- there's certain to be a fabulous array of beauty there in a rainbow of colors!
Have a brilliantly colorful day!


craftattack said...

OK, I liked it better before, but it still looks gorgeous! Valerie

Netty said...

Loving the addition of the dragonfly. Its always so hard to know when to stop and chances are after a couple weeks or so you will want to do something else with it, depending on how the mood takes
Enjoy your Sunday, Stephanie. Annette x

IM GIRL said...

Step, love your submission. The dragonfly is the perfect addition!


peggy gatto said...

So wistful!
I love it!

gemma said...

She is beautiful.
Love the whole scene,her garden and the relaxed way she seems to enjoy it.

priti.lisa said...

YAY!!! I LOVE it! Exactly what I would have done if I had your talent!

EVA said...

Very very beautiful Stephanie!!

Jennifer Pride said...

Very nice! Especially the dragonfly tattoo... I have one of my own.

Kat W said...

Oh this is wonderful!! Sensual, elegant and so beautiful! Love it.

Kat Xx

artangel said...

It has a real sense of serene mystery :) LOVE the dragonfly tattoo - it does need lightening a little I agree, but what a fab idea! x

Magpie said...

I LOVE how this's looking wonderful! And the tattoo was *inspired*!

Gerri Herbst said...

Incredible painting. Love the gorgeous woman and the beautiful flowers...great to see the transition from last Friday! Happy PPF even if abit late. take care, gerri

Kiki aka Victoria said... gorgeous...the dragonfly is spiritual and magical..what a beautiful addition to this piece!!