Thursday, June 16, 2011

What's Up in the Studio?

I think I'm just about over the exhaustion left over from Summer camp extravaganza- it amazing how things that wouldn't give me a pause 15 years ago, now wipe my 43 year old butt out!  Could it be that I'm getting old?  Nah, I'll just mark it down to just a wee bit of overextending myself.  'Cause I'm definitely not going to slow down any time soon!
For this week, I'm doing two kinds of painting.  One; I'm working on a new canvas for Inspiration Avenue's weekly challenge and two; I'm painting my daughter Caroline's room while she's in California visiting our beloved Sidney!
Caroline's room started out as a deep purply-blue and she and her artsy friends took upon themselves to embellish the wall with whatever whim the muse called upon.  As an artist, I gave her the green light- I ALWAYS encourage creativity (or almost always- I DO draw the line at teen age paint wars in the house ;)) ......the end result very cool, but it went a little overboard to the point that she had trouble sleeping in such a vibrant room and here we are now, trying to "vanilla it down" a bit.
I took some close ups of the paintings by Caroline & Friends:

 Here is her room at the almost halfway point- I'm just shoving everything to one side and painting......then I'll shove it all to the other side and finish it up!
 This is the side I did yesterday- her plan is to use the cream colored wall for her collaborative painting and leave the other walls in their assorted shades of russet.....I still have some touch ups to do but this'll at least give you an idea......

For the other painting that I'm doing this week, I doing a new canvas inspired by the theme "So Romantic".  This is the first painting I've ever done without sketching at all first- I usually work things out in my sketchbook and then transfer it all to canvas.  This time, I wanted to just jump right in and let the muse offer guidance wherever she might!  I have a couple references that I'm using as guidelines- peacock feather (which mine will NOT be in the traditional colors ;)) and one of a face to reference the shadows I'm going here she is:

I'm hoping to finish her this morning and have her ready for PPF tomorrow.  Wish me luck!


Healing Woman said...

What an interesting post Stephanie. Your muse definitely took over on your romantic girl. She really is "So Romantic." I love the muted quality of her and the peacock feather.

The room will be so much nicer with a lighter backdrop. What a good mom you are!

craftattack said...

Love your face - well, you know what I mean! You have had a busy week! I have a blue page ready for PPF tomorrow, and a green one for summer of colour on Monday, so I have had a busy day, too! Hugs, Valerie

LuLu Kellogg said...

WOW, I love this painting Stephanie! Great job my dear!

Regina said...

WOW...I love the art but I can see why she would have had a hard time sleeping. So much color just makes our muses want to sing "ALL THE TIME". She will be happy with her new colors and a place to put her work.

I adore the new looks awesome (as always) You have such an eye for color and blending.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Gosh Stephanie, where have I been all week? You said you had been showing it on your blog, but I failed to see it until tonight. You had a real mess when you started to vanilla the walls. They really WERE colorful. And you have given yourself a real challenge to finish by the time she returns from California. I hope it's about finished.