Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What's Up in the Studio- Progress....

Just popping to give a quick update on my two main WIP's
First off, I finished Miles the choco lab- I ended up adding more shading to emphasize how dark his coat is....
So, here's Miles:

As for my butterfly, I'm still adding layers of color, but to just to give you an idea of where I'm at.....
I'm really trying to keep it from looking too "sweet" or cliche.....and also I've been "browning up" the main background, because yesterday when the two backgrounds were alternating shades of dark and light greens (and since it's not St. Paddy's day), I decided it was TOO much green- I love green, but not at those levels!  And as always, when I'm working on a painting, I alternate between being happy with it and then not so much....right now, I'm on the not so much end of things which is usually a signal that it's about time to stop for the day!
So, I'll just do a couple more things and hopefully end on a good note!  Then it's time for TEA- that's the theme at Inspiration Avenue this week.  There's still time to enter a submission for the week- just hop over to Inspiration Avenue and leave a link in the comments section of the current challenge; tho' we promise not to tell if you choose an alternate cuppa ;) to feature.

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craftattack said...

Your picture is progressing well, I love seeing WIP and how it progresses! Valerie