Wednesday, April 25, 2012

P&P Thursday- NOT an Octopus!

Happy Palette & Paint Thursday (a wee bit early;))  I'm way behind this week, in terms of making art, but here I am at last with a WIP for Tammy's wonderful book!  Because these books are open to interpretation and have no theme it can be a little challenging to come up with an idea for them!  I originally wanted to do something featuring an octopus, but it just didn't work out this week.  Never fear, there will probably be an octopus in one of the upcoming books, because I did a LOT of research and came up with a LOT of ideas...Just nothing that felt right for this book.
BUT, what to do with this book?  
I felt like I was out of ideas and really, have I ever HAD a good idea and for that matter; why the HELL did I ever decide to be an artist......was getting ready to really wallow in self pity and then, BAM, it came to me!  Because I had been thinking of octopi and them having 8 legs and that led me to thinking of numbers and them my weirdo little brain started thinking about how much I like stars.......well, what if I did a night sky with numbers instead of stars and so I started sketching and here's what I came up with.
Have you ever heard Einstein on the Beach- very cool modern opera...
anyway, that was playing in my head while painting this.....
 My plan is to make it a little less monochromatic and then I have to paint the background pages with a quote- something about counting will be attached in pop up format and I might, might do a tutorial since every time I do pop ups, people ask!
 And here is my extremely monochromatic palette- I assure you it will have more color tomorrow!
For now, try to stop by Tracey Potter's blog to see last week's P&P entries!
Have a great day!


An'Angelia Thompson said...

This turned out gorgeous, Stephanie! "Why the HELL did I decide to be an artist"? ROFL!!! Been there, said that, will say it again, I'm sure! Happy to see you recovered! :oD

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

I like how your brain works... going from self doubt, to octupi to Einstein on the beach sounds about right to me... this is going to look great and I love the monochromatic palette... any blues and I am happy...xx

craftattack said...

It's beautiful Stephanie, love it! Hugs, Valerie

priti.lisa said...

I know why you became an artist!
Wow, Stephanie, this is gorgeous and magical! I would have never imagined something like this.
I love opera too.

Victoria said... it!!!another dreamy adventure in your beautiful art...I love this piece..I feel very connected in and peaceful...totally beautiful and powerful Stephanie!!Also quite magical...and rock!!

EVA said...

Wow wow wow!!! I absolutely love this!!! Lucky Tammy!

denthe said...

This is really beautiful! Love it how the "stars" seem to come out of her hand.

Fallingladies said...

Wow, the idea of numbers as stars is beautiful. And i love this all monochromatic!!!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Opera! Now that is something I never suspected. You are really doing well with this painting, even though I'm late visiting. Seems I can't crawl out from this hole I've dug the past few weeks with enough time to "see the light."

artangel said...

Wow Steph I LOVE this!! The way you've used the numbers is really interesting - just my interpretation but it suggests to me a mathematical order behind the beauty of the cosmos(too deep?!)

Can you please do this exact same painting in my book when it reaches to you?? (Just kidding, whatever you create in my book I know I'll treasure it!) x

Tracey Potter said...

Stephanie, this is beautiful, I love that you overcame your self doubt and came up with this intriguingly beautiful solution. We all go through those times of wondering why we do what we do, don't we? It's those that have the strength to work through it that succeed and become more accomplished artists for their struggles (its not an easy thing to do art). Your work is stunning and I'm so happy that you continue to enrich the world with your creations.