Sunday, April 22, 2012

Semi-Silent-Sunday.....Redusing, Reusing and Recycling....In the GARDEN!

Happy Earth Day!  I wanted to share some more pictures of my garden 
showcasing some of my up cycled garden art.....ENJOY!
found this cool little bottle in my the six children of the original owners lived in the attic, I'm sure this has stories to tell!  But for now, it has been re purposed as a vase.  I HATE Bourbon!

Fallen branches?  My favorite FREE garden borders enrich the soil as they decompose!

Old birdbath now won't hold water....but it WILL hold a flower pot and very prettily too!

My arbor I designed around these beautiful windows....I have more windows waiting in the shed to become a pergola

overview of the arbor

bottle tree fashioned form an antique coat rack and assorted wine bottles- I DO love that shade of blue!

found Adirondack chair housing my favorite rose; Jude the Obscure, Anemones and Irises

Jude the Obscure- I LOVE this rose as much for it's name as for it's beauty!

I LOVE finding broken pots on the side of the road and burying them to disguise their flaws......FREE and beautiful!

one of my favorite flower pots that didn't survive the freezes we had a couple years ago- now on active duty as a border


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow!! What a great gift you have given me today with your Earth Day post. I am not a drinker (unless you count coffee), so that is the perfect use for that bourbon bottle. And I can't wait to get ideas for your pergola, because I had ONE set of windows like yours.

I'm a BIG fan of that dark blue glass, too. I can't find any around here, though. I think people must hoard it, because they will give me green, clear, and frosted, but never blue.

When I first saw that rose, I thought it was a peony. My peonies are blooming already, nearly a month early. Of course, when I saw the blossoms in the background, I could tell it was a rose!

I'm really crazy about your garden, and love every bit of it, including the broken pots. Such fun and lots of recycling tips, too!! Have a SUPER EARTH DAY!!

craftattack said...

Love what you have done in your garden. Great recycling ideas, too. Why buy, when there are so many wonderful things for free? Hmm, I wonder if those kids really drunk that bottle of bourbon - bet they had fun if they did!! Hugs, Valerie

Angela said...

Gorgeous photos! I've got just a tiny garden this year that is feeling a bit neglected I'm sure. Time for me to get back out in the dirt, lol. I found your blog through Artists On Blogland and look forward to seeing more :-)

priti.lisa said...

This post was a gift! What a perfect way to start my Sunday blog visiting:) Your garden is just so inspiring...that arbor really got my wheels turning.
Thanks Stephanie, and Happy Sunday my friend♥♥♥

Carol said...

Love your gardens!!! I use "old" stuff in my gardens too and love it. Sometimes it takes Hubs a little bit to appreciate the beauty of the free stuff I drag home :0)

Tara Dillard said...

Birdbaths that drain are great for sand. Birds need to bath in sand too.

Hate bourbon.

Love your garden.


Magpie said...

As always, I love your garden and your creativity within it!!

Happy Earth Day a day late. Outside my window it is snowing all over the new plants and baby grass we planted weeks ago. 4-8 inches expected. Gotta love Mother Nature and this earth anyways!!