Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Treasury!

My work was chosen by Kristin Love to be in another treasury!  It's up until Tuesday afternoon, so if you read this before then, take a moment to go look at the other artists.  You can see the treasury HERE.  It's well worth visiting!
For that matter, as far as Kristin Love goes, her work and art philosophy are pretty great too!  She works primarily in clay, creating original hand built, slip cast, wheel thrown (and much more!) as well as the occasional  wall hanging or painting also renedered in the format of clay.  To top it all off, when using her kiln, she works using green energy- so her work is enviromentally friendly as well.  Take a moment to see Kristin's Etsy shop  .

The theme of this lovely cup is based  on the quote "THE JOURNEY IS THE DESTINATION" by Don Eldon

For more details and information, click HERE.

In her shop, Kristin describes her artistic process in creating this lovely tile; "First I rolled out the big clay slab, cutting it with the Koi design in mind and then after the tile was bisque fired, I drew the picture in pencil then layered and layered the glaze paints in order to achieve the depth of color you see on the finished piece.

For more details and information, click HERE.

" The OPEN Bowl"
Kristin's description of this piece goes on to say, "This is one of my unique black, white and 1 color "doodle" bowls and it measures about 6 1/4" in diameter and is 1 3/4" deep. My "doodle bowls" were born out of a need to simplify my work and are a direct reflection of that choice, they are like a warm little hug that you hold in your hands....ORGANIC COMFORT BOWLS!

For more details and information, click HERE.

About this piece, Kristin says, "This painting is part of a bird series that I am slowly working on and I am VERY EXCITED and more than happy about the way it came out, because unlike painting on canvas I NEVER KNOW how the finished piece is going to look until I open up the kiln. "

For more details and information, click HERE.

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Thank You Stephanie!!
I am honored to be chosen and featured on your beautiful Blog. I absolutely LOVE your paintings: the style, composition, colourways and subject matter....absolutely gorgeous!!
It was my pleasure to feature you in my Treasury and I look forward to seeing you more on Etsy and following your Blog!!

Thank You again!
:) Kristin