Monday, October 26, 2009

Another Treasury!

What a nice surpise yesterday, to get an email informing me that I'm in another treasury! Elizabeth Graf, who I've heard referred to as "The Queen of Treasuries" kindly included my work in her art gallery collection. The treasury will be up until Tuesday evening and you can see it for youself HERE for a limited time.

As far as Elizabeth goes, I really enjoy her work, meant to reflect the good and beauty found in our everyday surroundings.  Her work is hugely influenced by tropical themes and rendered beautifully with oil paints.  Take a moment to check out her wonderful paintings, they are lovely!  Click HERE to visit her Etsy shop.

I love this painting featuring Morning Glories, you can find more info about HERE.

This piece is titled "Abyss" featuring
 some of the animals one might find there. 
For more information,
please click HERE.

A lot of Elizabeth's work is inspired
from happenings in her own garden.
I love this piece, painted of the view
from her studio window.
Click HERE, for more info.

 I really enjoyed Elizabeth's
description of this painting, here a snippet of it, "
I used neon reddish-pink in the background to give this painting a special color and glow. It looks wonderful hanging
on the wall above my mantle piece......".

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Elizabeth Graf said...


This is amazing -- I am so thrilled that you created this beautiful post about my work! It is so nice, I saved screenshots for posterity!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Elizabeth Graf