Friday, October 16, 2009

The Art of Bubbles

Good morning, this is the first of a series I will be posting featuring art that is interesting, unusual or just plain STRANGE!  For today, I found an article based on the beauty  and science of bubbles.  The article alternates between presenting examples of WONDERFUL art emphasizing bubbles, to scientific explanations and theories of bubbles resulting in a great article that is not only full of information but also replete with beauty.  Enjoy, I promise it'll bring a smile to your face!

Taking inspiration from the article, I researched artists on Etsy who have featured bubbles in their art.  There were quite a few, but these examples were above and beyond the others, so with their permission, I'm able to show them here.

 Diane Clancy has created a whole series on bubbles, available in her Etsy Shop.  "Violet Mist" is my favorite of her bubblescape series. This Violet Mist has lots of light and illumination to guide you through all misty paths. This is to inspire, delight and uplift you!

 Jo of Green Island Studios says, I see each bubble in my art as representing the human condition: We are each of us a perfect, and unique entity, one that shimmers with gloriously brilliant colours, and roams the world on it's own course and then is gone again in an instant, leaving only memories of it's perfection and beauty. That's the essence of it anyway....

And Elizabeth Graf often features fish in her paintings so of course bubbles are often rendered as part of her work.  She always pays such lovely attention to color and detail!  You can visit her Etsy shop HERE.

 Lana Dashevsky's work strongly reflects the power of light, color and form. You can view her and her art HERE.


dianeclancy said...

This is lovely, Stephanie!! Thank you so much for including me!! Just lovely!! And that page with art and info about bubbles is fantastic!!

~ Diane Clancy

dianeclancy said...

This is truly wonderful!! I have made a post about this -

Thank you!
~ Diane Clancy