Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A $150,000,000 question: Is it a Da Vinci or Not?

Is this a treasure picked up by a lucky collector with sharp eyes or just an old German cartoon?  It's a question worth more than a hundred million dollars!  You can read the entire article HERE at ARTnews magazine.  Enjoy!

Meanwhile, if you are a fan of da Vinci, you are sure to enjoy these works by Etsy artists inspired by him!

This is a fantastic montage of the Mona Lisa made up of over 1,000 tiny Leonardo Davinci-themed images created by Art Barkers

Here is a Steambunk Pamphlet leather journal that comes with a fascinating history; click the link to read on!
This piece along with other treasures can be found at Lady Artisn's Etsy shop.

Here is a limited edition print inspired by da Vinci's "Flying Machine; created by Tina Imel

This da Vinci steampunk charm bracelet  with a range of altered charms and other goodies really speaks to me!  You can find it along with other altered jewelry and themed Steampunk items at Jezebel Charms.

This digital collage comprised of a series of da Vinci elements can be found along with other digital beauties at Berney Design.


luthien said...

wow stephanie! your choices are extraordinary!! i love every piece featured here but the steampunk journal and the bracelet ... DROOL!!!

thank you my fren, for putting up the button for my giveaway :)) you are very very sweet :))) HUGS!!!

Charlie said...

What a great collection of art. I'm just now getting into steampunk... It's very cool. I'm not sure I could do it. Maybe one day I'll try.
I love that bracelet too.
Have a great day!

Tammy said...

Love this posting Stephanie. The items you selected to feature all fit together so nicely.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Ooooooh, lovely art you've shared Stephanie! Thanks so much for visiting and the well wishes too :)

Halo Hill said...

Who knew? Thank you sooo much for sharing, I love to see new things from old, and love Da Vinci. Amazing. Thank you for your sweet comments and sense of humor too! (You get me) :)