Saturday, January 30, 2010

Make New Friends, but KEEP THE OLD- Part 3- On the Carpet with friends.....

As it's a few days since I started One World- One Heart, I find myself almost at the end of all the blogs entered.  It has been an amazing journey for me, one with daily discoveries of artists and their blogs; people that I want to get to know better.  It feels like I've marked myself as a new follower on at least 10 blogs every day, sometimes more.  For me, this has been wonderful because of the oppurtunity to make new friends. 
And today, I want to take a moment to recognize "Old Friends" who I was thrilled to find riding the carpet this week too!

Pat of Images Through an Open Window


Sharon of Manamoon Studios

Sharon's OTHER Blog; Plumrose Lane

Lisa of Priti Studio

Shel of Pics by Shel

Hope you found some new friends of your own; either throuh my intros or your own travels on the carpet.  And if you haven't already entered my giveaway, click HERE to do so!


WrightStuff said...

Thanks Steph - it has sure been a great ride so far! I've lost track of which one's I have visited. I don't exactly go through them in order!

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

I'm just anal enough that I've been writing down which ones I entered so I can go back and check out the winners.....silly of me, I know :)

Elizabeth Holcombe said...

Such an honor to be included in your blog post, my friend!~~~XXOO, Beth

patk860 said...

thanks so much dear stephanie... yes my ride is amazing as well although a little slow. good thing i have until the eighth to make my way around. you are a sweetie & i'm so glad we're buddies.

luthien said...

ahhh stephanie!! what a wonderful ride this must be ... esp with so many lovely friends aboard :) wish i could be on board this one too, but i must refrain ... perhaps next year when the timing is better for me :))

and oh :) i finally wrote about the award you passed me :) thank you again my sweet fren ... you really rock!

priti.lisa said...

Thank you Stephanie! You are so generous with everything you do, I honestly don't know how you do it. I think I need a time manager or a secretary! I cant wait to see pictures of all the gifts you win on the magic carpet!
Thank you also for the Sunshine award...I will pick it up as soon as I catch up on all my blog reading!
Shine on sister/friend!

Anonymous said...

Oh this is SO sweet of you, you're darling!! Love all the beautiful creations people are giving away!