Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Make New Friends, But Keep the Old.......Lovely Blogs I've Encountered on The Magic Carpet- Part 1

So far, it's been a pretty wild ride at One World, One Heart!  My goal is to try to hit around a hundred blogs a day and today, the second morning, I'm hovering the ole' carpet around #171.  I'm pretty confident that I'll manage 29 more at some point today......I'm finding it almost impossible to drag myself away from the ticket list, lol!
For those of you who regularly follow me, you already know that I try to feature other artists on a regular basis.  Until the end of OWOH, I'm planning to highlight a handfull new (and old) favorite blogs/artists/creators that I've found along the journey.
So for Day Two of OWOH, here are some of the artists I encountered at the first part of the list between the numbers 1 and 171- I wish there were room to feature each one I've fallen under the spell of, but I'm trying to limit it to just a few each posting.....
Shona Cole has this beautiful journal and stamp for her OWOH giveaway- click HERE to enter

Lisa of The Wright Stuff has created this beautiful piece for her OWOH Offering

Kelly Burton at Arty Visions is featuring this wonderful collection for her OWOH offering

One of several OWOH prizes available at Astrid's Artistic Effort

Soft in the Head has this wonderful mousie as her OWOH prize

Creativ Spirit has this gorgeous mixed media piece up for her OWOH Giveaway

Check these wonderful giveaways out, maybe like me, you'll find a few new blogs to add to your list of favorites!


WrightStuff said...

Hey Steph, thanks for the promo - I'm chuffed you did this. I thought this piece so matched my story, they were almost destined to go together. That's a nice little collection you're putting together there - some I had spotted and others missed (notably that cute little mousie) so will have to pop over!!

ChatElaine said...

Oh wow I must start to look over some of the OWOH blogs. I am so behind. I just popped in to give you your award. Please stop by my blog to receive it. Thank you Stephanie I do enjoy popping in on you!! ♥

Anonymous said...

This is SO cool that you're doing this Stephanie, you're such a sweetheart!! I don't know that I'll have time to get around to all the blogs but I can just come here to find some of the ones I've missed!♥♥

Anonymous said...

Ohhh how absolutely gorgeous. I havent been looking at this years yet and this is the first but wow !!!
Hugs June xxx